How do you measure responsive customer service

Unify your customer service communication

Offer your customers customer service on the channels of their choice. While urgent inquiries require a phone call, live chat is great for routine inquiries and emails for solutions that need in-depth clarification. Manage all of your customer communications from a single platform.

  • Offer service over the phone, email, social media, live chat, and more
  • Use live chat to assist customers right in your SaaS app
  • Respond faster to inquiries with the queue management of Omnichannel

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Improve the customer experience through contextual knowledge

When your customers get error messages on a stressful workday, the last thing they want to do is pass every single detail on to your support team. Show them you know them. Equip your agents with the information they need, from order information to product logs, so you can resolve inquiries quickly.

  • Integrate business apps like Jira, Salesforce, Stripe and more
  • Automatically move your premium customers to priority queues
  • Use product events to predict problems and proactively serve customers
  • Solve problems faster and better with the right information

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"With Freshdesk we no longer have to focus on collecting information. We can make informed decisions thanks to our data analysis. The investment was absolutely worth it in terms of insights, time savings and customer relationships!"


Deploy chatbots with ease

Your product may be complex, but your customer service doesn't have to be. Use AI and chatbots to answer routine questions about product configuration, billing, and more. Make time for the real problems.

  • Reduce the volume of tickets and offer 24/7 support with chatbots
  • Smoothly escalate complex requests from bots to your agents
  • Understand intentions and convert service requests into opportunities

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Simplify collaboration

Collaboration among multiple teams with endless email and chat threads, lack of context, lack of communication, and unclear responsibilities can create confusion. Make it easy for your customer service, engineering, billing, and sales teams to collaborate with all of the context right in your help desk.

  • Resolve queries faster with contextual collaboration
  • Increase your efficiency by dividing tasks between teams
  • Bring both in-house teams and third-party vendors into customer service workflows

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Improve your performance through actionable insights

Evolve the way your team works by analyzing ticket data, trends, and agent performance. Access detailed reports on agent productivity, CSAT scores, SLAs and more. Increase performance with data-driven decisions.

  • Forecast ticket volumes and plan your team effectively
  • Understand ticket trends and categories to provide feedback to product teams
  • Use real-time team dashboards to keep track of your day-to-day operations
  • Measure SLAs and CSAT scores to improve customer experience

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