What is BTIC

Baltic-Flexi - Plan your next vacation in a relaxed way

Is it possible to cancel the Baltic-Flexi afterwards?

No. If you have booked the Baltic-Flexi directly when booking, a subsequent cancellation of the Baltic-Flexi is no longer possible.


What cancellation conditions apply if I have to cancel my stay less than 7 days before arrival?

With the Baltic-Flexi you can rebook or cancel your stay - free of charge up to 7 days before arrival! Thereafter, the fees of Baltic Sport- und Ferienhotel GmbH & Co. KG apply in accordance with the current terms and conditions. If you would like to insure yourself against cancellation fees for the period <7 days before arrival, we recommend that you also take out travel cancellation insurance (please note the respective insurance conditions).


How do I get back the payments I have already made after the cancellation?

If you have booked the Baltic-Flexi and cancel your trip free of charge within the specified period, the deposit and, in the case of short-term cancellations, the remaining payment will be refunded using the specified payment method. The amount for the Baltic-Flexi itself is non-refundable.

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