Is considered cool to work at Lazada Singapore

Samwer brothers clone Amazon

They don't shy away from anything: The Samwer brothers have decided on none other than our Amazon as the next clone, found out Nikolas Woischnik from Techberlin. The new company from Samwer's startup clone factory Rocket Internet is called Lazada. Based in Singapore, Lazada will primarily attack the Southeast Asian market and then expand to the East Asian and Arab regions.

In each case in countries in which the market leader Amazon failed to set up a country branch itself. According to the start-up scene, the plan has a method: Rocket Internet could force Amazon to adopt a make-or-buy strategy, i.e. give the retail giant the choice of becoming active in the countries themselves or buying up Lazada.

Olaf Kolbrück from Etailment is particularly surprised: “What surprises me most. There are corners on the planet where Amazon is not present. ”This negligence is now likely to cost the online retailer dearly. In Indonesia alone there is a market with 240 million inhabitants. From a strategic point of view, Lazada (Spanish for “loop”) is an ambitious but not exactly stupid undertaking.

Rocket Internet clone factory

But once again it is a particularly bold clone: ​​Rocket Internet not only copies the concept of Amazon, but also the web design. Just as you have already done with Wimdu (AirBnB clone), Pinspire (Pinterest), Bamarang ( or Dropgifts (Wrapp), among others.

The business model of the Samwer brothers Oliver, Alexander and Marc has always been to copy economically successful or promising Internet companies. Since the success with the auction house Alando, which they sold to eBay in 1999, they have repeated this concept several dozen times, making exits worth over 1 billion US dollars.

No respect

The side effect of the clones I recently saw something positive: The Pinterest example shows how the Samwers use a clone to draw attention to the original. True to the motto: If the Samwers clone something, there must be something to it. My contempt, however, remains. It is okay to reconsider a good idea, to set it up again and to offer it better in a country where something like this does not yet exist.

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But just press copy & paste? It's a bit like a classmate copying your homework off without being asked while you're on the big break. And so the Samwers do it not only with the business model, but - as recently proven - even with terms and conditions and also with web design. And will be rewarded for it. This also brings Germany into disrepute and you don't have to have any respect for that.

Quite honestly: I would almost wish that Amazon's lawyers would take action here, discover trademark violations and the Samwers will literally sue the Samwers one day.

(Jürgen Vielmeier)