Is Bali a good honeymoon destination


1. The right travel destination
Where you go on your honeymoon with your loved one depends entirely on your wishes. Destinations in the Indian Ocean such as the Maldives, Mauritius, Bali or Thailand are ideal for a relaxing luxury holiday with a white sandy beach under palm trees. But the Caribbean and Hawaii are also popular honeymoon destinations for the sun-loving bridal couple. In addition to the classic beach holiday on the dream beach, you can also go on a round trip or take a cruise across the sea.

If you don't want to wander that far, there are also great honeymoon destinations in Europe. Sardinia, Mallorca and Greece offer beautiful honeymoon hotels for couples in love in summer. But even in Germany you can, for example, have a honeymoon in one Wellness hotel spend. Some wedding couples also want to travel to a place on their honeymoon where they have already made fond memories with their partner.

2. Selection of the hotel
When choosing a honeymoon hotel, you have a wide variety of options. You can find initial ideas for the right hotel on this page. Many couples want an extravagant honeymoon Luxury hotel or aWellness hotelto relaxBut there are also wonderful honeymoon hotels for the smaller budget, which forego excessive extravagance and yet are fantastically beautiful.

3. Honeymoon with child
If you are not only going on your honeymoon as a couple, but also want your children to come along, hotels with childcare are ideal. While your child plays with other peers and is supervised by trained staff, you and your partner can sit back and relax and enjoy wellness offers or relax in the sun. In order to make the journey to your honeymoon not too strenuous for you and your child or baby, travel destinations on the Mediterranean such as Mallorca or Turkey are ideal in the summer. If you prefer to do your honeymoon in autumn or winter, special ones are suitable Family hotels in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, which often also offer winter sports, excursions and wellness.

4. Planning the honeymoon

Many couples go on their honeymoon right after the wedding. Since most couples get married in summer, it can make sense to start your honeymoon in the winter months. Because in many honeymoon travel destinations it is the rainy season in the German summer.

Whatever you decide, start planning your honeymoon well in advance. In this way you can avoid unnecessary stress and possibly get a better price offer. You should also take care of a valid passport, a visa or, if necessary, the necessary vaccination.