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Once upon a time there was a queen who tried to pull a huge cart out of the mud. She tugged and tugged and at some point she realized that it wasn’t possible to do it alone: ​​The superhuman king of the neighboring country was sitting on it and didn’t even think of getting off the cart. The queen tried to shake him down, but it didn't work. So she asked her subjects and they cheered and cheered and promised to help her.
But since their forces were not sufficient either, the Queen asked the two small neighboring states for help. And they too cheered and cheered, and so soon everyone cheered and cheered and promised to help their queen. Meanwhile the cart sank deeper and deeper.

It was now clear to the queen that the strength she had gathered would only be sufficient for one attempt. So she decided to practice with her cheering and cheering followers. They practiced the handles, practiced the technique, motivated each other. Finally, they pretended to pull together and pulled an imaginary cart with their combined strength out of the imaginary dirt. And they cheered and cheered and rejoiced in their strength.

But when it was time to tackle the real cart, which was now even deeper in the dirt, it suddenly occurred to some of the subjects that they had had back pain for a long time and that they unfortunately could not tackle it. The queen must understand that. They would have preferred a king for a long time anyway.

The queen couldn't believe it. Suddenly there was no more cheering, her former followers just laughed and laughed. They tore the crown off her head and gave her a kitchen apron instead. And the big, fat king on the cart laughed and laughed, got down from the cart and said: "You have to do everything yourself."