When do you call a girl beautiful?



It [the handbag] is so beautifully golden and it is so beautifully glittery and yes, maybe a little bit tussy, but that doesn't bother me at all. [Smalino, April 9th, 2016, accessed on March 6th, 2019]

Tom, what do you call girls who annoy you? Tom: Biatsch. Stephan: Oh, from Bitch. I call a woman like that chick when she's funny or just plain stupid. Tom: "Chick" is an old man term. Stephan: I also like to say buckle. Tom: That's even worse. [Andrea Tholl, January 2nd, 2016, accessed on March 6th, 2019]

There was [in the shop] a really unbelievably great [handbag] made of black synthetic leather with a really high-quality rhinestone on it, but the handle was so short that you can only carry it over your forearm. [Viva la Tequila, April 6th. 2013, accessed on March 6, 2019]

Put all the ingredients with ice in the shaker, shake well and then pour [...] into the funniest glasses you can find. [52 plates: plush bears, red heart balloons and a lot of pink icing on top., 02.12.2013, accessed on 02.01. 2020]

I admit: I read Brigitte regularly. Women’s magazines or not, I just like them because they are not so extremely funny and besides the usual girl stuff they also contain fine recipes and interesting articles. [Rennhenn’s blog, January 4th, 2012, accessed on March 6th, 2019]

Each of them chattered more jerkily than the other [the women in the gym] loudly about [...] the latest diet tips or something like that [...]. [Belle’s Lounge, August 16, 2007, accessed on March 6, 2019]

OUT […] Extra-long fingernails - looks neither well-groomed nor pretty, but unfortunately tussy. [Picture, 01/11/2006]