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Which red fruit jelly tastes best?

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Cooking red grits is actually very easy. Nevertheless, many buy ready-made products from the refrigerated shelves in supermarkets and discounter. But do they taste as good as homemade? Markt compares four products with homemade red grits from viewer Anke Onnen-Lübben (price per 500 grams):

  • Meierkamp from Aldi for 1.10 euros
  • Good & cheap from Edeka for 1.10 euros
  • Dr. Oetker for 2.30 euros
  • Branded grits "Zum Dorfkrug" for 3.05 euros

Strong color thanks to beetroot juice

The four manufacturers use frozen fruits for their groats. The fruit content is at least 50 percent. Edeka buys the fruit in Poland, Dr. Oetker in Poland and Serbia. The branded grits "Zum Dorfkrug" is not as regional as it sounds: The fruits come from Spain, Morocco, Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Serbia and Lithuania. Aldi buys the ingredients worldwide. Edeka adds beetroot juice concentrate. This makes the red of the grits particularly strong.

Conclusion: Homemade red fruit jelly tastes best

In a so-called blind tasting, the homemade red grits from Anke Onnen-Lübben wins just before the red grits from Edeka. In third place is the "Zum Dorfkrug" brand, followed by Dr. Oetker and Meierkamp from Aldi.

The recipe from the show

Red fruit jelly

The north German dessert classic tastes best with lots of fresh fruit. Red, black and white currants ensure a mildly sour taste. more

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