How many windows should a bedroom have?

Sleeping according to Feng Shui - the most important rules

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is the most important room. It is particularly important to keep this room completely free from disturbing, harmful and pathogenic influences. The bedroom is used to rest, the body should recover after a long day at work or after an active leisure time.

Tips on the location of the bedroom:

Never lay down your feng shui bedroom

  • via garage, storage room
  • opposite, next to, above or below the toilet
  • next to, opposite, below or above the kitchen
  • within 70 meters of rail or tram
  • above a butcher shop, funeral home, restaurant or disco
  • on the side of a church, place of worship, cemetery
  • near a garbage dump and on busy streets

What to do with the space itself?

Sleeping is considered to be "low activity" (yin). Therefore, the bedroom should also be in an area with little activity in the back of the house. Better still on the first floor. far away from the main yang activities in the front part of the apartment or house. If you are a morning person, choose a room in the east. As an evening person, the room can also face west. Avoid south-facing rooms, you cannot relax there. During the day, sunlight should enter the room, this brings the chi into the room, but the bed should not be directly illuminated by the sun. This can overactivate and cause problems falling asleep. Orientation towards the garden is also recommended. Flowers give energy, good nutrients and Qi, the residents are healthier, more intuitive and more successful. Also, according to the trigram system, an area of ​​good energy should be chosen that best belongs to an element that harmonizes with the element of the user. For example, it is favorable for a fire person to live in a room that belongs to the fire, earth or wood element. However, if a good spot cannot be found, the person should at least align the bed in the trigram group direction that is best for them. Like all rooms, a bedroom must also have a back door so that stale air and Qi can escape; such a "back door" can also be a window.

What to do with the bed

It is best to sleep with your head towards the door and your feet away from each door. There should be a solid wall behind and in front of the bed. If this is not possible, you should at least have a high headboard. A bed must not be in the door line as the incoming qi flow would attack and cause health problems, especially heart problems. To prevent this, it is sufficient to set up a mobile partition or a tight screen between the door line and the bed to divert the flow of Qi. The bed should be at least one and a half meters away from the window, because through this the Qi is drawn outwards. If it is too close, the person lying there is also “pulled out of the window”, which creates nervousness. A solid wooden board about 1.5 meters high between the bed and the window helps. Nor should the bed be under a skylight. Electromagnetic radiation from cables or a sink or drainage pipes on the bed wall should also be avoided. All sockets or switches should be at least three feet from your head or body.

It is also inconvenient for the bed to stand under ceiling joists that run across it. If so, the beams can be hung with a piece of soft flowing fabric such as silk. Benker lines that run in north-south and east-west directions should also be avoided, especially where they intersect. Crossing points of the diagonally running curry lines should also be avoided (or also shielded).

More on the subject:

Which bed is right?

The important Feng Shui dimensions are the height from the floor to the top edge of the mattress, as well as the length and width of the frame. The bed itself should contain as few metal parts as possible, and you should never lie on a spring mattress. If you slide a compass over it, you can see very quickly what is happening here due to magnetic coupling. Red bedding can increase sexual activity, but you shouldn't sleep in such a "charged" environment - dreams that are too "fiery" could disturb the relaxation phase.

Passion guaranteed

You can't find each other in bed and don't harmonize while making love? Perhaps you have separate mattresses - pad the "visitor crack" well and cover it - or place a pink pillow at the head end where the two mattresses meet, this can connect the opposites. Make sure that there are no corners of the chest or dresser pointing at your bed, these will shoot Sha arrows and can lead to arguments. The teaching of Feng Shui also knows the right colors for more passion and harmony in the bedroom.