Why do people bite during sex

Sex Mistakes: 6 Things Men Totally Turn Off In Bed!

Sex Mistakes: 6 Things Men Totally Turn Off In Bed!

It is well known that sex is the most beautiful thing in the world. Regrettably, there are no instructions on how best to do this. Nevertheless, there are things that men say are not possible. We'll tell you exactly what it is about.

1. Hide your face during orgasm

When we orgasm, we drop completely, and that should also apply to our face. So if you've always been shy of showing your orgasm face to your partner, you should stop, because there is hardly a thing that turns men on anymore, than seeing you surrender to your lust completely. He also feels incredibly confirmed in his masculinity - which of course has a positive effect on your sex life!

2. Don't say what you're really into

Women who openly say what they want during sex not only appear self-determined, but also incredibly sexy and attractive. So dare to do it, eExpress your preferences and to tell your partner exactly what you like and don't like during sexinstead of just letting it go while you let it go. Because men pretty much agree that they hate when they don't know what to do and are particularly afraid in such a situation from embarrassing mistakes, that you could resent them.

3. Fake an orgasm

He is probably the classic among the biggest sex mistakes and extremely hated in the male world: A fake orgasm. Faking a sexual ecstasy is of no benefit to either of them in the long term. After that, men still don't know how to bring you to the climax and will probably worry about it for a while afterwards - which of course the frustration in both situations only increases and of course not permanently improving sex.

4. Shout too loud

To lie there completely still and to endure the lovemaking, like it's a punishment, do not find men particularly good. But: also the exact opposite intimidates men. The entire four walls screaming out loud together while trying to bring us to climax, so is not an option either. Hysterical noises irritate the men unnecessarily and sometimes even drive away the desire to keep going.

5. Bite too hard

Some men like it in bed to be touched a little tighter. A gentle bite in the throat or lower lip can be hot and increase pleasure - but if you bite too hard, it can be painful and, above all, uncomfortable for everyone involved. Another no-go, and there the world of men agrees, are Bites during oral sex.

6. Passively endure the act

Throwing your back lazily on the bed and not moving - men don't like that. This position is boring and expressionless. If you don't feel like having sex, you should be open and tell your partner. If you are just lazy and still have high expectations of sex with him, you should perhaps reconsider what exactly you are hoping for from him and how it could become more sexually exciting between you in the future,