How do you feel about vegetarians vegans

Why, of all people, have vegetarians so often against vegans?

People who have decided not to eat animals have something in common - you should think. But even if vegetarians and vegans often have the same reasons for their way of life, eat the same products and often have to justify themselves similarly to the rest of society, a rift is always opening. From vegetarians of all people you hear sayings like “Wow, I could never live without cheese”, “Vegan is really exaggerated” or some annoyed version of “Now we all have to follow you again.” Where does that come from?

Vegetarians usually know such sayings well enough themselves. Most of them had to hear from their environment that their way of life was stupid, complicated, arrogant or annoying. By shifting such prejudices onto others, they position themselves as "normal" again and, together with meat eaters, can look down on vegans with disdain.

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In addition, such a distancing naturally puts vegetarians in a comfortable position not to have to further question their own way of life. They may even know that animals are killed for milk, eggs, and leather shoes too, but as long as they label vegans as too extreme, they can rest easy doing enough.

It would be so important not to work against each other, but with each other. Of course, this also applies to those vegans who beat vegetarians or other vegans for every “mistake”. Instead of criticizing each other, it is much more beneficial to support each other. Instead of criticizing vegetarians for every slice of cheese they put on their rolls, vegans can invite them to a vegan cheeseburger. And instead of looking at it crookedly, the vegetarians can just try it. There should be some that don't even taste that bad.

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