How did Remus Lupine become a werewolf

Remus Lupine

Remus Lupine is a wizard, but not an ordinary one, no, he's a werewolf too. As a little boy at the young age of 7, he was bitten by a werewolf who was well known in the magical world: Greyback, who loves to bite small children just for pleasure.
At the age of 11, like any other young wizard, he was invited to Hogwarts. There he was assigned, along with his future friends Sirius, James and Peter Gryffindor.
In fact, Remus was very lucky to be able to go to Hogwarts because any other headmaster would never have accepted a werewolf. But Dumbledore was different. Even though he saw hard times ahead of Lupine, he did not shy away from accepting Remus at Hogwarts.

The difficult times became apparent immediately, because on every full moon night Lupine was of course not allowed to go near the other students. It is for this reason that the whipping willow was planted. Many students probably thought it was just an irritable willow or something like that, but Dumbledore wanted to use it for Lupine and protect other students through the aggressiveness of the willow.
So for many nights Lupine disappeared into the passage under the whipping willow, which turned out to be a good path to a crumbling hut. From then on, this hut was only called "the howling hut", not because it is haunted there as the general public assumed, but because Remus howled there in the hours of the night with pain, sadness and loneliness on the nights of the full moon.
Loneliness as a werewolf, he knew that well enough. But he quickly made friends at Hogwarts. 2 of them died, but one of them is still alive and is now his opponent. They were called: James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew. Since they were good friends, they noticed over time that Lupine was so often out of bed
So how could you help a best friend when he tormented his way through the night as a dangerous werewolf every month? Due to the condition of Lupine, the 3 formed into Animagi over several years.

They had more adventures, with Remus Lupine being the quieter one.

The next few years go by without hearing much about Remus, but finally, in Harry's third year, he emerges from the alleged oblivion. He doesn't look very healthy or well dressed, but he had no friends like Sirius and James to support and help him.
Anyway, Remus Lupine is going to be a teacher at Hogwarts. He teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. Since he taught well and is also a very lovable person, he immediately becomes Harry's favorite teacher, and VgddK becomes his favorite subject.
At this time he no longer has to go to the howling hut every day, but is provided with a wormwood drink by Snape.
In Harry's third year there is an escalation, he discovers the tricky business with Peter Pettigrew, meets his friend Sirius again, and is finally revealed to be a werewolf. But in the end Lupine becomes an important confidante for Harry.
Lupine only lasted a year at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because of the many complaints from the parents from the students at Hogwarts due to Lupine being betrayed. In Harry's 5th year Lupine comes to the fore again as he becomes a member of the Order of the Phoenix. Now it is a matter of fighting and eliminating the opponents with skill and intelligence. The fight at the Ministry was not the last for Lupine. In the sixth year he will again prove his fighting ability, which he luckily succeeds in the end.
But he's happy in other ways too. The normally cheerful Nymphadora Tonks was deeply depressed because she fell in love with Remus and he did not return her love. But later they find each other and become a happy couple.

Name declaration:
Remus: -Roman name
Say: Remus and his brother Romulus were raised by wolves
lupine: (English) wolfish

Text by: emerentia_tonks from Hufflepuff
Picture of: Shandora Mc Gonagall from Gryffindor