Is warm water good for your health?

Live healthily: That's why you should drink a glass of warm water every day

Without it we would not survive. We take water for granted that we often underestimate the necessity and, above all, the beneficial effects of it. Therefore, around two to three liters of liquid should be on our agenda every day anyway. At first it can be quite an adjustment and it may require some effort, but with a few tricks, such as adding lemon or mint to the water, the whole thing goes down a lot easier. And it is well known that humans are habituated, so why not use this drive positively for yourself and your health? Perhaps your morning ritual will soon look like having a large glass of warm water right after you get up. Your body will thank you because we reveal what it does to your organism and why it is so good for you. And let's be honest. Just the fact that we start with a healthy habit in the morning gives you a vitalising feeling for the day ahead!

Other topics related to your health:

1. It protects you from colds

The viruses are buzzing around, especially in winter - we want to avoid one of them at the moment. The best way to do this is to strengthen your defenses with sufficient vitamins. But even the daily glass of warm water can work wonders on this point. According to studies, hot liquids reduce the build-up of mucus in the nose and throat and help the body move it away faster. In addition, bacteria no longer feel comfortable in excessively warm temperatures, so that they can be partially killed off by the heat supplied.

2. It works like a natural detox

When we get rid of mucus or bacteria from our body, that's a kind of detox. The topic of detox is now very important and is available in countless variants, such as a juice cure or time-related challenges. However, it is usually the healthiest to promote the natural processes of our organism. And so we come to the second advantage, which speaks in favor of drinking warm water every morning. By increasing our body temperature, our circulation is stimulated at the same time. The result of this is that we expel toxins through sweat and may have an increased urge to urinate, through which we also rid ourselves of bacteria.

3. Your digestion will get better

Warm drinks get into our organism faster through the widened vessels. And that is good for the stomach, because water is needed there to break down food into the respective building blocks. The metabolism is also boosted, as the body does not first have to generate energy to heat the fluid so that it can do its job. On top of that, we avoid food cravings thanks to the warm water, so that your digestion is spared unnecessary and high-sugar snacks.

Ⓒ Photo by Ava Sol from Unsplash

4. It combats obesity and high cholesterol

After the new morning ritual has a positive effect on your gastrointestinal tract, you can also use it specifically for losing weight. It makes sense to have a warm glass of water after every meal, because it helps digest and break down dietary fats. According to Chinese medicine, adding a teaspoon of honey and a little lime juice is even more effective. In this way obesity and an unbalanced cholesterol level can be brought back on track.

5. It affects your charisma

As I said at the beginning, water is the miracle cure for everything. Our skin becomes cleaner, our hair shinier, and our minds just fitter. And the conclusion from this is that when we feel beautiful and healthy, we also radiate this in our surroundings. Of course, the daily glass of warm water really does bring the listed benefits with it, but a spark of placebo effect could also play a role. There is nothing against it, however, because our attitude is ultimately the most important thing in terms of how we feel and by consciously taking a moment for our body in the morning, we show care for ourselves.

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