How is Quidditch played in real life

What is the appeal of Quidditch as a sport?

FREIBURG. The fictional character Harry Potter plays Quidditch in the wizarding school. The extraordinary sport is finding more and more fans in real life. The first season of a regional league of the German Quidditch Federation (DQB), namely the North Rhine-Westphalia League, starts in M├╝nster on Sunday. Sophia Hesser spoke to his press officer Juliane Schillinger.

BZ: What is the appeal of Quidditch?
Schillinger: For me personally, it's the versatility - there are elements from handball, rugby and dodgeball. In the beginning, many were drawn in by the game's proximity to the novel. Terms from the book are still used in Quidditch and you play with snitch and broom, which are plastic pipes with us. However, the game has developed more and more into a sport to be taken seriously.

BZ: Quidditch has been more of a marginal sport so far. You want to start the league now - that is definitely not easy, is it?
Schillinger: We have almost 30 teams all over Germany - so the distances between the teams are large. Many teams sit at universities - mainly students play, so there are not enough financial resources to cover long distances. We are therefore starting with a regional league and grouping the teams so that they are within acceptable distances from one another. Many teams have too few players, are not yet properly organized and still need time.

BZ: How should the first season go?
Schillinger: In North Rhine-Westphalia, where the teams are ready, we first want to see what a league operation can look like and what the teams want. Official operations will begin in the next 2017/2018 season - with the aim of comparing the teams in all regional leagues or of winning a final tournament for the German championship with the regional winners.

BZ: You know the Freiburg team - you built it up in 2014. How are the "Black Forest Bowtruckles" doing?
Schillinger: The team can certainly hold its own in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The team is one of the most experienced because it was one of the first in Germany. But it could be difficult nationally. But they have good players, like coach and captain Adrian Schleeh, who have been there from the start.

Juliane Schillinger, 24 years old, from the German Quidditch Federation, lives in Holland. She has been playing Quidditch since 2014.

that's how to play Quidditch

The game is based on the Harry Potter novels by Joanne K. Rowling. Two teams play against each other - each mixed-sex team has seven players. Each player has to keep a light PVC rod between their legs - in the novel, they are brooms. Two hunters of the team try to throw the Quaffle, a volleyball, through one of the three opposing rings. That gives ten points. The keeper defends his own rings. Two drivers throw the opponents with clappers, i.e. dodgeballs, in order to exclude them from the game. If they touch their own rings, they are allowed to continue playing. The Seeker must catch a tennis ball from the sock of the Snitch, an impartial player. That gives 30 points, the game is over and whoever has the most points wins.