Is it cheaper to ship on eBay

Shipping costs for sellers

How to set competitive shipping costs

When setting your shipping costs, keep the following tips in mind:

  • See what other sellers charge for shipping costs for similar items.
  • When checking the size and weight of the item, also think about the packaging.
  • Decide whether you want to send the item only domestically or also abroad.
  • Think about setting uniform shipping rates for all buyers.

In our eBay help pages below you will find further information on how you can make your offers more attractive for buyers - for example through shipping discounts or combined shipping. It also tells you when and how to change delivery costs after your item has been sold.

With free shipping, your listings may be eligible for Fast Free Shipping Marking if you also offer a fast shipping method (1-3 working days).

Shipping discounts

Find out how to offer shipping discounts and create rules for special shipping promotions.

Offer combined shipping

Find out how to offer combined shipping for customers who purchase multiple items from you.

Update shipping options

Find out when and how to change the shipping cost after you've sold an item.

Create shipping cost tables

Shipping cost tables are helpful for some domestic regions and for international shipping, as you can enter different shipping costs there based on the country and shipping method.

Go to Manage shipping settings to set up a shipping cost table in which you can enter the following information for shipping costs in your offers:

  • A flat shipping fee per country and item
  • A flat shipping fee for each country based on weight, for example EUR 2.00 per kg for shipping to the UK
  • A surcharge for certain countries in addition to your international shipping costs

If you go to the shipping details in the extended sales form Use my shipping cost tables If you select, your specified shipping costs from the shipping cost tables will be used.

You have the option of creating up to 40 shipping cost tables so that you can use them for various offers.

You can also add shipping cost tables to multiple active listings in My eBay> Sell. For more information, see our Edit Quotation page.

If you have the option Use my shipping cost tables does not appear in the advanced sales form, scroll up to the top of the page and select in the top right menuTo adjust. Then tick the box in the Shipping details sectionShipping cost table and choose To save.