What is the easiest alternative to MailChimp

Mailchimp alternatives: 4 German tools that are at least as good

Mailchimp is good newsletter software, but it has two problems.

First, it is problematic in terms of data protection law because subscriber data is stored on servers in the USA.

Although Mailchimp participates in the Privacy Shield Agreement, you are still on the safer side if data is stored in this country (or within the EU).

Second, the user interface is unfortunately completely in English, which limits usability for German users.

But now there are some Mailchimp alternatives that not only offer similar ease of use and functionality, but are also completely in German and save data exclusively in the EU.

1. CleverReach (the best Mailchimp alternative!)

In terms of user interface and functionality, CleverReach is hardly inferior to Mailchimp.

In my opinion, it is one of the best newsletter tools and currently the best MailChimp alternative.

The user interface is tidy and you can find your way around quickly. Da Tools is available in both English and German.

Like Mailchimp, CleverReach offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for creating newsletters. Registration forms and the entire opt-in and opt-out process also offer many setting and design options.

In addition to sending individual emails, the newsletter tool also offers time and action-controlled campaigns, auto-responders, RSS campaigns and A / B split testing, which means that it has all the functions that you would expect for email marketing may wish.

Up to 250 subscribers and 1,000 e-mails per month are free with CleverReach, but some functions are limited in the free package. So z. B. Do not hide the CleverReach button in the registration forms.

According to CleverReach, all data is stored exclusively in Europe.

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  • Easy to use
  • Large range of functions (including autoresponder)
  • Creation of automation chains and workflows possible
  • Good newsletter editor
  • Free package
  • Server location in Europe
  • Agency solutions available


  • Webinars are not free
  • You have to pay extra for faster support
  • Newsletter templates aren't that fancy

2. Newsletter2go

The German provider Newsletter2Go is also a good Mailchimp alternative and scores particularly well in terms of operation. It has a modern and very clear user interface that even beginners can use quickly.

The range of functions of Newsletter2Go, however, is not quite as large as that of Mailchimp or CleverReach. It offers single newsletters, double opt-in mailings and A / B split testing, but only welcome, transaction and birthday mailings to autoresponders.

I also find it a bit unfortunate that the design options for newsletters, registration forms and the opt-in and opt-out process are limited. So you can't adjust the HTML directly like with Mailchimp or CleverReach.

The Newsletter2Go server is located in Germany, so stored data is subject to European and German data protection law. The user interface is not only available in German, but also in English, French and 5 other languages.

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  • Modern and clear user interface
  • Send responsive templates
  • Good newsletter editor
  • Free package
  • Free webinars
  • Server location Germany


  • Autoresponder function not as good as with CleverReach or Mailchimp
  • HTML of newsletter templates cannot be edited
  • HTML of registration forms not editable

3. Click tip

Another German newsletter tool that is suitable as a Mailchimp alternative is Klick-Tipp.

Although I don't particularly like the intrusive marketing, the Klick-Tipp hides a solid tool that also has some innovative features, such as: B. the so-called tag-based email marketing ..

It works as follows: With the help of tags, you can assign attributes to your subscribers and thus send more targeted e-mails. All contacts are in one place, the so-called ContactCloud, which can be clearer than having dozens of different lists.

In addition, Klick-Tipp offers extensive automation functions, good split tests and Facebook list building.

What I don't like that much is that Klick-Tipp is designed for text-based e-mails and does not offer any newsletter templates.

Unfortunately, there is also no free trial tariff with Klick-Tipp as with other mail providers and the entry tariff costs a whopping 27 € / month. For this, however, 10,000 receivers are already included, for which you have to dig deeper into your pockets with other providers.

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  • Tag-based email marketing and ContactCloud for easier organization of subscribers
  • extensive automation functions
  • good split tests
  • many integrations
  • Facebook list building
  • free online training


  • some intrusive marketing
  • no newsletter templates
  • Tariffs start at € 27 / month

4. rapidmail

In contrast to other newsletter tools, you do not take out a subscription with the German provider rapidmail and do not pay a fixed monthly amount, but pay per recipient. The first shipment to up to 2,000 recipients is free!

The tool itself has a modern and tidy user interface. The newsletter editor impresses with its simple operation via drag & drop. The selection of newsletter templates is very large: You can choose from over 120 beautifully designed templates on various topics.

For some time now, rapidmail has also been offering autoresponders, which I think is very good. However, it cannot be used to create such sophisticated automation chains as with Mailchimp. Only welcome mailings, annual event mailings (e.g. birthday greetings) and one-off event mailings are possible. In return, rapidmail convinces with a good A / B split testing function.

All in all, rapidmail is suitable as a Mailchimp alternative, but only for those who want to send individual newsletters.

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  • Modern and clear user interface
  • More than 120 newsletter templates
  • Good newsletter editor
  • no subscription
  • Server location Germany
  • first shipment to 2,000 recipients free of charge.


  • Autoresponder function not as good as with CleverReach or Mailchimp

5. FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the MailChimp alternatives listed:

5.1 Are the providers compatible with WordPress?

Yes, there are WordPress plugins for the simple integration of registration forms for all of the newsletter tools listed:

5.2 Which of the providers are compatible with Thrive Leads?

So far, Thrive Leads only offers an API connection for Klick-Tipp.

5.3 Which of the providers can be used with DigiMember?

DigiMember offers integrations for Klick-Tipp and CleverReach.

5.4 Which of the providers can be used with elopage?

Until now, elopage only supports click-tip.

5.5 Do all providers offer an AV contract?

Yes they do.

5.6 Do all tools have a German user interface?

Yes, all tools are completely available in German and also offer German documentation.

5.7 Which provider is ahead from a sustainable or fair point of view?

I am not aware of any newsletter provider who pays special attention to fairness and sustainability (or at least advertises them).