Need a weapon for protection

weapon law (WaffG)

Part 1General provisions§ 1Object and purpose of the law, definitions§ 2Principles of handling weapons or ammunition, weapons list§ 3Handling of weapons or ammunition by children and young peopleSection 2Handling weapons or ammunitionSubsection 1General requirements for weapons and ammunition permits§ 4Requirements for a permit§ 5reliability§ 6Personal aptitude§ 7Expertise§ 8Need, general principles§ 9Content restrictions, ancillary provisions and ordersSubsection 2Permits for individual ways of handling weapons or ammunition, exceptionsExceptions§ 10Issuing permits to acquire, own, drive and shoot§ 11Acquisition and possession of firearms or ammunition related to another Member State§ 12Exceptions to the permit requirementsSubsection 3Special permits for certain groups of people§ 13Acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition by hunters, carrying and shooting for hunting purposes§ 14Acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition by marksmen§ 15Shooting associations, shooting clubs§ 15aSports regulations§ 15bAdvisory board for shooting sports§ 16Acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition by traditional shooters, carrying weapons and shooting for the maintenance of customs§ 17Acquisition and possession of firearms or ammunition by gun or ammunition collectors§ 18Acquisition and possession of firearms or ammunition by weapons or ammunition experts§ 19Acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition, use of firearms by persons at risk§ 20Acquisition and possession of firearms by acquirers as a result of inheritanceSubsection 4Special permits for arms manufacture, arms trade, shooting ranges, security companies§ 21Commercial arms manufacture, arms trade§ 21aRepresentation authorization§ 22Expertise§ 23(dropped out)§ 24Labeling requirement, trademark notification requirement§ 25Authorization to issue ordinances§ 25aArrangements for marking§ 26Non-commercial arms manufacture§ 27Shooting ranges, shooting by minors at shooting ranges§ 27aSafety testing of shooting ranges; Authorization to issue ordinances§ 28Acquisition, possession and use of firearms and ammunition by security contractors and their security personnel§ 28aAcquisition, possession and use of firearms and ammunition by security companies and their security personnel for security tasks in accordance with Section 31 (1) of the Trade RegulationsSubsection 5Bringing weapons or ammunition into, through or out of the scope of the law§ 29Bringing weapons or ammunition into, through or out of the scope of this Act§ 30General authorization to move weapons or ammunition from the scope of this Act to other Member States§ 31(dropped out)§ 32Bringing weapons or ammunition into, through or out of the scope of the law, European Firearms Pass§ 33Obligations to register and provide evidence, powers of the supervisory authorities when bringing in or taking weapons or ammunition into, through or out of the scope of this ActSubsection 6Duty of care, notification, information and proof obligations§ 34Surrender of weapons or ammunition, examination of purchase authorization, obligation to notify§ 35Advertising, notification obligations, trade bans§ 36Storage of weapons or ammunition§ 37Notification obligations of commercial arms manufacturers and arms dealers§ 37aObligations to notify the holder of a gun ownership card or other equivalent license to acquire and possess and the holder of a non-commercial gun manufacturing licenseSection 37bNotification of destruction, rendering unusable and lossSection 37cNotification requirements in the event of taking possessionSection 37dDisplay of unusable firearmsSection 37eExceptions to the notification requirementSection 37fContent of the advertisementsSection 37gEntries in the gun ownership card§ 37hIssuing a certificate of notificationSection 37iNotification obligation when moving abroad and when moving abroad§ 38Identification requirements§ 39Duty to provide information and to present, look-up§ 39aAuthorization to issue ordinances for the replacement documentationSubsection 6aSpecial regulations
for handling salute weapons
and unusable firearms,
for rendering firearms unusable
and for the storage of salute weapons§ 39bAcquisition, possession and storage of salute weaponsSection 39cDisabling of firearms and handling of unusable firearms; Authorization to issue ordinancesSubsection 7Prohibitions§ 40Prohibited weapons§ 41Gun bans for individual cases§ 42Prohibition of carrying weapons at public events; Authorization to issue ordinances for prohibited areas§ 42aProhibition of carrying fake weapons and certain portable objectsSection 3Other gun regulations§ 43Collection and transmission of personal data§ 44Transmission to and from registration authorities§ 44aOfficial retention requirements§ 45Withdrawal and revocation§ 46Further measures§ 47Regulations for the fulfillment of international agreements or for the approximation to Community law§ 48Material jurisdiction§ 49Local jurisdiction§ 50(dropped out)Section 4Penalty and fine regulations§ 51Penal provisions§ 52Penal provisions§ 52a(dropped out)§ 53Fine regulations§ 54ConfiscationSection 5Exceptions to the application of the law§ 55Exceptions for the highest federal and state authorities, the Federal Armed Forces, the police and customs administration, sovereigns at high risk and employees of other countries§ 56Special regulations for state guests and other visitors§ 57Weapons of warSection 6Transitional regulations, administrative regulations§ 58Old property; Transitional provisions§ 59Administrative regulations§ 60Transitional provision for the cost ordinance§ 60aTransitional provision for weapons booksAppendix 1 (to Section 1, Paragraph 4) DefinitionsAppendix 2 (to Section 2 Paragraphs 2 to 4) List of weapons