How can I put my sick dog to sleep

Euthanize Dog Procedure: Everything You Need To Know

Everyone in their life sometimes has to say goodbye to someone they have come to love very much. If one of our fellow human beings has to leave, they will be given a dignified goodbye at a memorial service and a funeral. Today animals are no longer just roommates, but loyal companions and family members. For this reason, it is understandable that there is a desire for a dignified farewell to the beloved four-legged friend.

When is death a redemption for the dog?

The most important thing is to make the decision independently of your own personal needs and feelings and to act alone in the interests of our four-legged friends. The fact that keeping an old or sick animal takes more effort and the four-legged friend is no longer perfect should not be a reason to have the animal euthanized.

Severe pain such as Accepting joint pain in dogs and tolerating the animal's suffering just to postpone fear of painful loss leads to animal cruelty and is utterly irresponsible. We owe it to our pets to care for them when they are sick and in old age, but also to deliver them when they suffer.

Euthanize the dog: does the animal suffer?

In technical language, euthanasia is called euthanasia. The word comes from the Greek and means “good death” when translated. If an animal is properly euthanized, it does not experience any physical pain and does not feel the onset of death. The animal is given an overdose of anesthetic and only breathing and heartbeat set in during deep anesthesia.

Keep calm and pay your respects

The support animals need in their last phase of life is rest.

Try so that he can't sense your despair and helplessness.

It is therefore particularly important that mistress and master do not worry their four-legged friends and, even if it is difficult, try to be strong in the last few hours. Especially in this situation he needs our strong hand to protect and accompany him.

What happens after death?

Each pet owner can decide for himself what to do with the pet after it has been euthanized.

The options are:

  • Your dog stays with the vet
  • You bury him at home
  • A pet funeral company will funeral your dog

How the farewell should finally take place, everyone has to decide individually for themselves.

What helps with grief?

Although we know that it was a salvation for our darling, death is not easy to overcome. The loss hurts, we mourn and are sometimes desperate. Everyone deals with grief differently and has to find their own way to deal with it. For many, distraction plays an important role, others need to deal with grief. Some tips that can help cope with the loss include, for example, creating a keepsake, reading books, exercising, keeping a diary or, if the willingness is there to get involved in something new, getting a new dog.