Is Canada better than Korea

Language stay in Korea and Korean courses abroad

Learning Korean on a Korea language trip is a special experience. Many associate the country with Gangnam Style, the hit song by rapper Psy, but Korea has much more to offer. The country once belonged to the Kingdom of Japan and became independent at the end of World War II. Today Korea is one of the leading technology nations. Travelers rave about the beauty away from the big cities in Korea. The country has an excellent infrastructure and nothing stands in the way of a weekend trip to the country.

Korean language course - tradition versus modernity

While Korea on the one hand is characterized by high-tech like no other country, on the other hand cultural treasures of bygone times are always present. For example the royal palace complexes in Seoul or the historical sites in Gyeongju. During your language stay in Korea, you will experience how technical innovations shape everyday life in Korean society today. Even the elderly in Korea use smartphones to watch the latest films. No other country can master the balance between tradition and high-tech better than Korea.

Why you should learn Korean in Korea

  • Culinary highlights: from the street stall to the palace kitchen
  • Cultural journey between tradition and modernity
  • Sailing trips to lonely islands
  • Endless mountains and silence
  • Experience Gangnam Style live

Your language trip to Korea

A language trip to Korea offers many opportunities to make the most of your vacation. Discover new worlds, learn Korean on our language courses and meet people from all over the world who speak Korean at the Korean language school. Your language stay in Korea is guaranteed to stay in your memory forever.