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99 fitness tools that I love - and why you will love them

You can always come back here when you're looking for fitness tools to help you look good naked. Here you will find everything that I use myself, love and recommend to my customers and readers. The world keeps turning and I am learning, so I update and add to this page regularly. Bookmarking yourself is a good idea. Have fun!

Note: Some of these links are referral links. It doesn't cost you anything extra, but I will receive a commission if you should decide to buy. I recommend these things because I use them myself, love them and because I believe they will help you. Please do not invest money in a product if you do not feel that it can help you on your way.

My top recommendations

If you're not looking at anything else on this page, here are 5 things you should know. I find myself recommending these resources over and over again - in emails, articles, and podcasts. They make my fitness lifestyle easier - and I'm sure you will too.

Audible audiobook subscription: My thesis: Most people who not only surf the Internet but also READ make the best progress. Reading changes the way you think - and fast. You can only get a new body through new thoughts. Where do you get the time from? My trick: I LISTEN most of the books. On the go, while training, shopping, cooking or washing clothes. With the Audible subscription, you can get almost all audiobooks for a fraction of the retail price. Click here for an overview of my 11 favorite audiobooks.

Athletic Greens: I start the day with a glass of the natural fruit and vegetable concentrate. If you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, you don't necessarily need the not-so-cheap product. But for me it's kind of insurance (besides, I love the taste). Note: The sales page doesn't exactly inspire confidence. But the product and customer service are excellent.Click here for a critical analysis of various greens powders (taking into account the current study situation).

Yazio: A food diary is the easiest way to learn about the foods you like to eat AND to double your fat loss in a maximum of 3 minutes a day (no kidding!). It is a good idea if you can relax while doing this. I use Yazio myself and recommend the app to my clients for planning and tracking meals. Yazio is available for iOS, Android and online.Click here to read my article on the food diary online and offline.

Mark's guide to nutritional supplements: The most common questions I get are about dietary supplements. Protein powder, vitamins, minerals, fat burners & Co. The truth is: 90% of all supplements are a waste of money and, at best, superfluous. However, a few can help you progress faster. In this guide I will show you the right and wrong way to use these preparations. You are currently receiving the guide free.

The perfect HomeGym for less than 300 euros - It's easy to burn thousands of euros on training equipment. Fortunately, it is also cheaper. In this free guide You will find out which starter kit you can use to put together a HomeGym, in which you get fit, stay fit and achieve similar successes as in the gym - for less than 300 euros. As a bonus, you will receive a 4-week training plan for at home, with which you can get started right away.

Fitness tools for the home

  • Adjustable dumbbell: If you train at home, this set is the best solution for you. It combines 12 pairs of dumbbells in one system. The weight can be changed in no time and offers enough air for training progress.
  • Ab roller: There are 1001 exercises for core and six pack. But few can get your abs to burn as effectively as ab-wheel training. One of my favorites. Sore muscles guaranteed.
  • Kettlebell: No time for training and no space for equipment at home? Both excuses that don't work for a kettlebell when you have 10 cm² of floor space and are ready to practice the kettlebell swing 3x 5 minutes per week. Guide: How to find the right kettlebell weight.
  • Jump rope CrossRope: I've swear by the modular skipping rope system for years. It is super processed and can be equipped with different ropes from “super fast” to “megaheavy”. For warm-up, fascia and cardio training.
  • Self-massage roller: Loosens stuck fascia, loosens muscles, promotes blood circulation and regeneration. Result: fewer injuries and tension and the body feeling of a supple leopard.
  • Massage heads for jigsaw: Relieves tension and adhesions in the connective tissue in a few minutes. Anyone who owns a pendulum jigsaw can upgrade it to myofascial self-massage for little money - and does not need an expensive massage gun.
  • Treadmill desk: Office work and exercise are no longer a contradiction in terms. They fuel each other when you combine a standing desk with this (foldable) treadmill. More about working at the treadmill desk.

Sports nutrition for fat loss and muscle building


  • Athletic Greens: I start the day with a glass of the natural fruit and vegetable concentrate. If you eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can do without them. For me, it's kind of insurance (which is pretty tasty). Click here for an analysis of different vegetable powders.
  • MarathonFitness Nutritional Supplements Guide: 90% of all supplements are unnecessary. But some can actually help you progress faster. You can find out what these are and how you use them in this free Guide.
  • Protein - the six-pack secret? There are many myths about protein. In the starter kit you will find out how much protein you really need, how you can recognize a good protein powder and what the right post-workout meal looks like. It is free.

Save calories

  • SteviaGo stevia powder: I use stevia for sweetening. Stevia to buy is a science in itself because many products have a slightly bitter taste, are filled with fillers or even contain sugar. SteviaGo is of good quality, tastes good and is extremely economical. That puts the comparatively high price into perspective.
  • Xucker Light: The calorie-free sugar substitute erythritol has the consistency of table sugar and can be used in exactly the same way. It's the second sweetener I use. Large amounts can affect digestion, so be careful.
  • Ox bar protein bar: A natural protein bar made from dried organic beef with no artificial additives. 40% protein, 5% fat, 1% carbohydrates - outstandingly low in calories for a protein bar. If you like salami, you will love it.
  • Psyllium husks: They literally explode in the stomach and give you the feeling that you have eaten enough for a long time. I usually add some psyllium husks to my protein shake or quark. Tip: You can find more weight loss ideas here.

Muscle building

  • Frey Nutrition Whey Isolate: If you don't want to lower your body fat percentage and instead want to build muscle, you will do a little better with this whey protein. The solubility and taste are excellent. I use the neutral powder because I add glucose or raisins and fruit in the structure - more than enough sweetness and taste.
  • Creatine monohydrate: Creatine is one of the few dietary supplements I recommend. It gives you more strength during training, supports muscle building and regeneration and optimizes many other body functions. You can take it all the time. I use capsules because they are easier to portion. More about the creatine intake and effects.
  • Quest Bar Protein Bar: Most protein bars are not much better than a chocolate bar, and they often contain a lot of chemistry. Quest Bars are one of the few products that make an exception here and actually make a decent snack. More about this in my protein bar test.

Tracking progress = staying tuned

  • Withings Body Cardio For weight measurement: Scales either look good OR they measure precisely. This one can do both and transmits the data wirelessly to your account and to apps like Yazio. As with any body fat scale, the bioimpedance measurement should also be used with caution.
  • Caliper pliers for tracking the body fat percentage: Even if this tool looks like plastic - it is the most precise and in my opinion the only sensible way to track your body fat percentage yourself.
  • Whoop bracelet for continuous tracking of heart rate variability with a great (currently only English) app. The tip came from the para world champion Günther Matzinger. If I have not recovered well, I avoid doing heavy squats or deadlifts, for example. You can find out more about HRV measurement here.
  • Yazio(iOS / Android): With this food tracker it is easy for you to build up an immense knowledge about food. Like my customers, I recommend you to take it easy. Even without a change in diet, tracking alone often brings unexpected progress in losing weight.
  • Tailor tape measure (optional): If you want to build muscle, you should also record your muscle circumference in the neck, shoulders, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, biceps and forearms. It is sufficient if you invest 60 seconds in a measurement every 2-4 weeks.

More fun while training

  • Apple Watch (Series 6): For me the universal fitness watch par excellence. I use it to track all training units, it measures my steps (10,000 steps every day is my goal) and reminds me when I sit too much. Requires an iPhone.
  • Apple AirPods Pro: Can handle sweat and rain, sit comfortably and securely, sound fantastic and can be operated intuitively. The battery lasts longer than any training session and the charging case charges the AirPods in minutes. Also work with Android phones.
  • Pulling aids Schiek: I usually do heavy deadlifts once a week. From around 140 kg, these pulling aids help me to hold the bar. (Thanks for the recommendation to Vladimir Batinic.)
  • Fat Gripz: By increasing the diameter of barbell, dumbbell and pull-up bars, I train my grip strength without having to invest a lot of extra time. More on this in this article about exercising forearms.
  • Kinesio tape Pinotape: A good support for joint overloads and tension. The last thing it did was to get rid of an overload in the Achilles tendon so that I could get to Kilimanjaro without pain.
  • Liquid chalk Elliot: Helps me to hold the bar better during heavy pulling exercises. In addition, avoid a white powdery mess, which usually causes little enthusiasm in conventional fitness studios.

Eating and drinking on the go

  • Nalgene Everyday N-Gen drinking bottle: My companion for years - for training and in everyday life. Indestructible, free of harmful plasticizers such as bisphenol-A, heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. There are no disgusting smells or complicated cleaning because the closure can be easily rotated. Of my 3 bottles, one is usually in use, one on the shelf and one in the dishwasher.
  • Athletic Greens Travelpacks: I almost always start the day with this greens powder. I have 1-2 travel packs for eventualities in my sports bag. If I have to bridge a meal, I combine it with my “Plan B” protein powder.
  • Shaker Blender Bottle: Most days I eat a full meal after training. But it helps to always have a plan B in your pocket. In this bottle I always have protein powder with fiber (psyllium husks) on hand. If necessary, only the water is missing and I have a good snack that will fill me up.
  • Snack for on the go: Prepare drinking bottle with 30-45 g protein powder. Fill the Ziploc bag with almonds. Have both ready and, in an emergency, top up the powder with water, plus a handful of almonds. Zero carbohydrates, keeps you full for a long time!
  • Lock & Lock Boroseal food storage box: Many food containers contain plasticizers, aluminum or other toxic substances that can first get into your food and then into your body. Your snacks will stay safe and sound in this box.
  • The ultimate fitness restaurant guide: 17 Things You Should Know Before Placing Your Order. This article will tell you what to look out for when eating out if you want to continue to lose fat (or stay slim).


I like it simple. For example, I own the same shorts seven times. Because they are perfect for me and because I have chosen them so that every top (yes, I vary here) goes with it. Look good dressed For me this means: simple, sleek, timeless colors and a comfortable cut.

The right outfit

  • #DRNBLBR Shirts (Free time): My favorite tops remind me of who I actually am - and motivate me to stick with it. Just like over a thousand other keepers. We recognize each other by the hashtag (which you can of course also use on social media).
  • Shirt Reebok ACTVCHL (Strength training / running): One of my favorite shirts for fitness training. The fit is perfect and while the design is simple and functional, it looks good and is comfortable to wear.
  • Shorts Nike Dri-FIT(Strength Training / Running): I own a good dozen of the medium-length training shorts. I like the loose, comfortable fit, the simple look and the indestructible build quality (some are over 10 years old and still good). I only wear black shorts because they are timeless and go with any top. The variants for women are also successful.
  • Aesparel jeans (Leisure): At some point, with every new personal best, every kilo more on the barbell, it becomes harder to find suitable jeans. The common clothing sizes are simply not made for strong legs and buttocks. That is why I recommend the manufacturer “Aesparel”, which specializes in jeans for strength athletes.
    👉 With the code "MARK" is there 15% discount.
  • Shirt Under Armor Tech (Strength training): The timeless classic. I own this workout shirt in different colors. Great shirt for fitness training. Please do not buy too tight, even (and especially) if you are already quite muscular.
  • Tank top Nike Pro(Running): My training top for running for many years. Sits comfortably and lasts for many years of training. At temperatures below 15 ° C I add one more layer over it, at below 5 ° C two layers. (Attention: The white model can show through the skin when you sweat - I do not recommend this color.)
  • Running jacket Nike Flash Run: Here in the north, the winters are often uncomfortably wet and cold, with rain and wind at temperatures around freezing point. But there is no such thing as bad weather when running, just unsuitable clothing. My last training jacket was with me for 18 years before it blessed me. I currently wear the Nike Flash Run Division, which is nice easy, long and wide and consists of at least 50% recycled material. As a practical extra, the gloves supplied keep your hands warm.
  • Nike Power running tights: At below 10 ° C the shorts stay in the closet and I wear these comfortable running tights for my Outer Alster run. Practical: You can stow the key in the sewn-on pocket.

The right footwear

  • Feiyue sneakers(Strength training): The classic from martial arts is ultra-light, flexible and gives you a wonderful feeling for the floor. Great shoe for proper strength training that also cuts a fine figure in your free time.
  • Nike Romaleos 4 weightlifting shoes (Strength training): I only wear these shoes when squatting with a heavy weight. Otherwise I train in the Feiyue sneakers (above). Note: If you are just getting in, you don't need weightlifting shoes!
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoes(Running training): My all-time favorite running shoe. Extremely comfortable to wear. For me he's perfect. If you go running regularly, you should have a treadmill analysis carried out in a specialist shop.
  • Puma flip-flops: There is nothing more superfluous than athlete's foot. Protect flip-flops. This simple, inexpensive and robust model has been with me for a long time.

Basic equipment for the fitness kitchen

  • Kitchen scales Soehnle 67080: Compact, stylish, precise and easy to use. These kitchen scales have everything I expect from such a device and make a “valuable” impression. I use them to weigh amounts of food, when I want to precisely record my macronutrients, or when I cook according to a recipe. Can also be used as a letter and parcel scale for other purposes.
  • Vitamix Pro 750 blender: The Porsche stand mixer in every respect. The fact that I have worn out a total of 4 blenders in the past 7 years put the high purchase price into perspective for me - Vitamix gives a 7-year guarantee. Now I don't want to give it back. The perfect mixer for wonderfully creamy protein shakes, finely mixed green smoothies, homemade (protein) ice cream or soups.
  • WMF chef's knife Grand Class (20 cm): The right cutting tool lies perfectly in the hand, is excellently processed and, with the right care, is still as sharp as on the first day even after years. An excellent chef's knife. Perhaps the kitchen appliance I use the most.
  • Frying pan Tefal Gourmet Series: Eggs, crunchy vegetables, fresh fish or a juicy steak - child's play with a good non-stick frying pan. This model is also suitable for induction cookers and test winner of the last Stiftung Warentest comparison.
  • WMF stainless steel saucepans: I've been using this functional and stylish set for years. I made the purchase decision after reading a Stiftung Warentest comparison - I've never regretted it since then.
  • Basic kitchen equipment: 9 utensils that everyone should have: I don't know of any more reliable way to have a balanced, naked-good-looking diet than to cook for yourself. In this article I have put together my 9 “must-haves” for you - and why they make your fitness life easier.

Healthy fats

  • Coconut oil (native): Coconut oil not only smells and tastes incredibly good, it is also heat-resistant at high temperatures, making it perfect for frying and cooking. Coconut oil wrongly has a bad reputation for being high in healthy fats. However, you should pay close attention to the labeling: Only cold-pressed coconut oil is healthy.
  • Almond butter: 100% ground organic almonds. These nuts are a good source of vegetable protein. In addition, almond butter contains a lot of vitamins E and B2, calcium, magnesium and iron. 1-2 tbsp before bed will help you sleep better. The high fat content and protein ensure that your blood sugar level does not drop at night - so you wake up more relaxed in the morning. Try it.
  • Macadamia nut oil: The oil from the “queen of nuts” is also heat-resistant, even at high temperatures. It is not only ideal for frying and cooking, but also turns the salad into a taste experience. Macadamia nut oil has one of the highest proportions of vital monounsaturated fats.


Book recommendations - (M) ental training

  • Think and become rich: Physical change begins in thinking. This book is not a fitness book. But still, it will help you create your dream body better than any other book recommendation. How so? Read it and you will know. - Tip:I recommend the hardcover and Kindle editions because they're the same as the original. The paperback is severely shortened, which means that many aspects are lost.
  • The strangest secret: It's like Earl Nightingale wanted you to handle your body better: “Even if your house burns down, you can rebuild it. But you can never replace the things you get for free. " This little book is about the magic of thoughts, why 95% of all people fail and how you can become one of those who can in just 30 days.
  • Tennis - the inner game: Using the example of tennis, Timothy Gallwey shows how you can overcome self-doubt, nervousness and bad feelings. Replace “tennis” in the title with “life” if you don't play tennis. Great book.
  • 11 unusual fitness audiobooks: Do you lack the leisure to read? My trick: I LISTEN most of the books. On the go, while training, shopping, cooking or washing clothes. In this article, you will learn about 11 rather unusual books that will help you look good naked - and why you should do them better Listen should. (You can find more audio book tips here.)

Book recommendations - (A) balanced diet

  • Glad medicine: This book is a big hit. What is a healthy diet? What role do vitamins, minerals and other vital substances play? If you haven't dealt with any of these topics before, this is where you should start.
  • Flexi-Carb method: Here you get a ready-made concept that is based on scientific principles, is fun and works. Also a standard work. Even and especially when you are just beginning to deal with healthy nutrition.
  • Looking Good Naked - power kitchen: Diets are crap. They don't work, at least not in the long term. What works in the long term is a nutritional model that works without prohibitions and can be implemented at any time. The power kitchen provides you with a model like this.
  • Nutritional strategies in weight training: Atkins, LowCarb, HighCarb, Anabolic Diet, Carb-Cycling - what are the advantages and disadvantages of the individual forms of nutrition? Dr. vonöffelholz illuminates each approach from a scientific perspective. Not quite up-to-date anymore, but still the most comprehensive German-language work on it.

Book Recommendations - Dietary Supplements

  • Examine Stack Guides (English): If you want to know which supplements help and which are nonsense, these topic-related guides are for you. Examine.com is the only independent scientific resource of its kind that is understandable to the layperson.
  • Top fit with vitamins: Vitamins are a complex issue. Dr. Strunz explains it in such a way that anyone who can read understands the subject.
  • MarathonFitness Nutritional Supplements Guide: 90% of all supplements are a waste of money andat best superfluous. However, a few can actually help you progress faster. In this guide I will show you the right and wrong way to use these preparations.

Book Recommendations - Proper strength training

  • Starting strength: Mark Rippetoe manages to describe the basic barbell exercises perfectly in their technique and at the same time goes into common mistakes and backgrounds. If you get just one book on strength training - it's this one. However, you can safely ignore the nutrition chapter.
  • Strength Training - Practice and Science: Dr. Zatsiorsky and Dr. Kraemer provide a deeper insight into current training methods, the state of science and practical experience. I recommend it to advanced keepers and coaches.
  • Fitness weight training: In this standard work, almost all exercises that you can perform in a fitness studio are explained in detail. Belongs to every fitness bookshelf as a reference work.
  • Differentiated strength training: An excellent book if you want more than just doing the exercises. Axel Gottlob explains the biomechanical and functional backgrounds of strength training and the individual exercises. Recommendation for advanced athletes and (prospective) trainers.
  • The muscle guide: Many books tell you which exercises work which muscles. But no other book conveys human anatomy as realistically as Frédéric Delavier's anatomy book. The edition especially for women unfortunately does not contain all muscle groups and is therefore only suitable as a supplement.

Book recommendations - (K) ardiotraining

  • Looking Good Naked: If you are primarily concerned with a slim, fit figure, then you do not need to make science out of endurance sports. In my book (Chapter: Cardio Training) you will find out everything you need to know about cardio training - and how you can use it to look good naked (also available as an audio book).
  • The big running book: Herbert Streffny's standard work for runners and those who want to become one. Explains all the basics and provides training plans for the most important competition distances. Very nicely explained and illustrated.

Sleep better (= look good naked)

Lack of sleep makes you fat. In other words: looking good naked means getting enough sleep. Not the worst news, is it? If you don't sleep enough, you're not only torpedoing your training. Lack of sleep is a sneaky fattening up. You can find out why this is the case and how you can improve the quality of your sleep here.

  • Withings Sleep: Measures the duration and depth of sleep, breathing (keyword snoring), heart rate and resting pulse. The associated HealthMate app evaluates all data and assigns a sleep score. It helps me to observe and optimize my sleeping habits.
  • Mediflow pillow: Do you also suffer from tension in the neck? For me it was because of the sleeping position. Since I replaced my old pillows with this one, neck pain has been history. The water core can be perfectly adapted to your anatomy.