Why are you not fit and healthy

Work at night and still stay healthy
- Fit through shift work

Eat balanced

Even if you come home from a stressful night shift, you shouldn't necessarily push a frozen pizza into the oven quickly. About a third of a balanced diet consists of starchy foods such as potatoes, rice or pasta. Make sure you also eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, but also consume proteins in the form of legumes, nuts, fish and meat. Such a diet gives you strength and keeps you fit. Try to enjoy one meal a day with your friends or family together.

Several small meals

During a stressful shift, there is usually no time to eat in peace: You just sit down to bite into the sandwich, and an emergency comes along. Even so, you should try not to completely forget about the food. It is better to have several small snacks between meals, as these are easier for the gastrointestinal tract to digest. Fruit, yoghurt and salads are suitable as snacks between meals. Heavy food makes you tired - and then it is harder to work.

Pay attention to warmth at night

The body is less active at night than during the day: digestion and body temperature decrease. Therefore, proper nutrition during the night shift is very important. If possible, avoid sweets and sugary snacks, as this only increases the blood sugar level for a short time. But then it will drop just as quickly and you will get tired. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to low-fat and easily digestible food, such as fruit, salads, dairy products, lean meat and whole grain products. Your midnight meal should ideally be warm, as this will stimulate your body temperature again. Alternatively, you can simply drink a warm tea: Not only is a healthy diet important during the night, but also adequate hydration.

You are what you eat

So that you can start your shift full of energy, it is advisable to eat a snack in the morning and a warm main meal in the morning. In the late shift, an afternoon snack is suitable and for dinner you can take cold snacks from home with you. Prepare the treats in your own kitchen and take them with you on your shift.

Keep fit

In order to stay healthy all round, physical fitness is important in addition to diet. Exercise helps reduce stress and increases wellbeing. That doesn't mean that you should spend every free minute in the gym - how can you, with a full duty roster? But you can easily incorporate small exercises into your everyday life.