Is sex mandatory after marriage

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Marriage duty?

Those who tie the knot also receive new rights and obligations. On the one hand, married couples enjoy many advantages, such as tax breaks and discounts on insurance. However, only a few know that they also have duties, such as spousal maintenance.

But is cohabitation also one of the legal obligations that marriage entails?

BILD knows.

► Who does not know this sentence: “No, darling, not today!” But according to Section 1353 of the Civil Code, married couples are obliged to be married. This also includes conjugal intercourse.

Agree, if you get along

So there is definitely an obligation to have sex in marriage. However, the spouse's right to sex is not legally enforceable.

So there is no risk of the bailiff appearing in the bedroom.

The partner is also not allowed to force the other. Since 1997, sexual assault and rape has also been a criminal offense in marriage.

► By the way: The lack of coitus is not a reason for divorce. Because under German law you don't need a reason for a divorce. Evidence of the breakdown of the marriage is sufficient.