Why do retailers hate Christmas

The Christmas season brings us the festival of love in a joyful and reflective way. But between glittering snowflakes and sparkling candlelight hides the most terrible time of the year for some: Marked by forced family get-togethers, overused wallets and stress. For all Christmas haters, we have a list here that shows what bothers people the most at this time, and which whispers comfortingly: You are not alone!

1. Horrible expenses
"Having to spend a considerable amount of money on family members. I have to buy gifts for my grandparents, my parents (including stepparents), my siblings, my wife's parents and siblings, the dogs ... and a cousin, because we are pennies Cousins. And I usually end up going out for a drink with friends at some point, so each of us pays a round. I love Christmas, but ey, it'll be expensive! " (PanzerBear88)

2. Exams and repetitions
"In the UK we have our exams in January so you can use the Christmas break to study. I didn't have a fun break until I finished my studies." (Brutus cantcatch)

3. Relationship status report
"At family gatherings, let everyone point out that I'm still single as if I didn't know." (GingerScruff)

4. No gift ideas
"I don't really want items anymore, so I don't expect anything for Christmas, but I'm expected to give presents, but I usually just don't know what to get. I would hate to be the guy who just gives socks. " (Pm Me Gifs For Sauce)

5. Christmas car advertising
"The fucking endless promotion of auto dealership sell-offs. The season of the Idiot Audi event. Happy Honda days. The December to Remember, titled 'Bastard Lexus Sale Event'." (s0undslikepuget)

6. Subsequent desolation
"The compression of the holidays. You get all the good ones crowded together, so you have to slide from Halloween to Thanksgiving for Christmas, and then you get the long dreariness of winter. Christmas is too early and there is hardly enough snow in December. Relocate it in February, when it is miserably bitterly cold and nobody likes their life. " (League TMS)

7. Cheap gifts
"I'd rather not get anything. Honestly. Save the money, I don't need a flashlight. It's difficult to express that in my family without hurting someone's feelings." (bdd82)

8. Need to work
"I work in retail." (DinksMalone)

9. Christmas music
"Christmas music everywhere. I don't know how people can take it for hours in retail." (necrokitty)

10. Glitter
"Decoration, wrapping paper, cards - they all have damn glitter about them. The stuff is spreading all over the place and you can't get rid of it." (Danuals)

Merry Christmas! ... And cheer up, there will soon be another year of rest!