Are intelligent people less materialistic

IQ is not a yardstick: 10 characteristics by which you can really recognize smart people

Comments from the community

For the first time I don't feel alone! at least there are like-minded people like me :-)
Who act and think and feel the same way I do,
only 1-2 bullet points halfway applied to me :)
Can still be changed ...

I am a person who is willing to become more and more intelligent in life and I do not want to end up like my envious people or those who benefit from me!
Otherwise I always had to grin while reading, because I found myself here!

A tip from me that I like to give, which almost everyone imitates after I tell them about it and never get a thank you for it. Everyone who imitates me in my area has become more intelligent because of my rumors in my city or those who blasphemed me ... Only buy reduced goods! or wait !!! Reduce up to 50-70% or compare prices at dealers, haggle, start with a few euros, then say it costs so much and here so much please down with the price. I've already saved around 3000 = 5000 in one year, even with real gemstones. Like sapphires and emeralds, I've saved up to 650 euros. I'm happy when I see smiling faces afterwards and always hear questions behind me like: Where are you going for 150 Buy € 15 bags? And there is also blasphemy and it is funny that people then imitate me while they make fun of my bargain prices behind my back! After all, it is reported on like news where I shop what I have in the shopping cart, so it always likes to be the number one topic of conversation when I'm a role model

It should be haram for ungrateful people by stalking me and imitating me. Amine


Thank you, very nice article for in between, which also makes you think.

However, I would like to point out that here you justify your own definition of the word “clever” and then also claim that it is something completely different from “intelligent”. The problem with these terms (cleverness, cunning, intelligence) is that they are not clearly defined and anyone who comments on them must first explain their own definition. The Duden says on the subject of "clever": "Possessing the ability to achieve his intentions by suitable means that are hidden from others or that they cannot achieve"

Unfortunately, this definition contradicts some points of the nice list of positive properties in this article, because it does not define what intentions smart people actually have.

But that's not a bad thing, because I too (like most people certainly) have my own definition of cunning. For me, the list above still lacks the point of being able to understand and process complex issues and project them onto other issues (as a basic prerequisite for being able to enforce one's intentions). Otherwise I agree with most of the points above (apart from point 10, because it is inconclusive and contradicts itself).


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