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Steam locks out over 90,000 cheaters in 48 hours

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Within 48 hours, Steam blocked the accounts of over 90,000 players, who also lost all of their games. A new record.

EnlargeIn the past week, a particularly large number of players were locked out of Steam

Valve has swung the big ban club on Steam: According to, over 90,000 Steam accounts were blocked within just 24 hours last Thursday. Just over 61,000 for violations of the Valve Anti-Cheat System (VAC) and another 27,400 Steam accounts for other offenses. Never in the past have so many players been banned from Steam within a day. For the players concerned, this means: They are no longer allowed to play their games on VAC-secured servers. The Steam library goes not lost: Single player games, LAN games and games on non-VAC-secured servers are still possible. You can find more information in this FAQ on Steam.

The day before, Valve had banned over 28,000 players for VAC violations and 31,000 players for other violations in games. Around 150,000 players had to leave Steam within two days. Almost 90,000 of them are due to VAC violations, which is an extraordinarily high number.

The background is unclear. One theory: Steam has discovered new cheat methods - in probably popular games - through changes in VAC and then used it to strike against these cheaters.

Note: We have updated the information in the article about what exactly a VAC ban means for a player.