Why did Dumbeldore have to die

Who dies in the new Potter?

The fans are certain: In the new Potter book ("The Half-Blood Prince") a beloved hero will have to die. But who? Opinions differ on this

Dumbledore as a death row inmate?

At least we already know the cover of the sixth Potter book, which will appear in England on July 16, 2005 and then in German on October 1. The cover picture shows Dumbledore and Harry in a sea of ​​flames, wands raised. Great, but who is the "half-blood prince" mentioned in the title? And who of the previously known characters in the novel has to die in the new book?

Are there traitors in Bungay?

"Dumbledore mustn't die," demanded fans all over the world long before the release date. Because for weeks the rumor has persisted that Dumbledore's last hour will strike in the new Potter. The source of this rumor lies in the British town of Bungay. "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is currently being printed there under the strictest of secrecy. But apparently some employees cannot hold back. It is noticeable that many people in the local betting shops are betting that Dumbledore will die.

The betting offices have closed

The accountants have since stopped taking bets. One of them is certain: "The print shop workers read the book secretly. They already know how it will turn out. Now they are trying to capitalize on their knowledge." The English gossip newspaper "Sun" exaggerated this "scandal" so skillfully that newspapers all over the world reported about Bungay, spreading rumors of Dumbledore's imminent death.

Nobody knows anything for sure

Before you let your heads down - couldn't the number of bets on Dumbledore be just a coincidence? A few of you tapped on the GEOlino.de pinboard in December 2004, long before the suspicious events in Bungay, that Dumbledore would be hit. Sounds obvious too. In order for the death of a character to really affect us, it must ultimately meet a significant and personable character. And if you exclude the three main characters, all that really remains is good old Dumbledore. But who knows: maybe the author J.K. Rowling also came up with a completely different surprise for us?

The fans were wrong once before

Before the fifth volume, the bets for a hero death were already similarly high: "A Weasley will die," it was said at the time. And then it was Harry's godfather Sirius who had to believe in it. Now the Weasleys are again one of the "favorites" among the possible victims. Also in the GEOlino.de forum many of you wrote something like this: "This time it will be a Weasley. But hopefully not Ron." The author must have had something in mind introducing a wall clock into the plot that would strike if a Weasley died. Wouldn't be jinxed if that wasn't exactly what happened in the new Potter, wouldn't it?

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