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Singapore - These are the top 3 sights in the city of the future

Why is Singapore so popular?

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. Around 75 percent of the population are Chinese. The remainder is made up of Malays, Indians and a few other minorities. This also results in a colorful bouquet of different religious affiliations. Almost a third of the city statesmen are Buddhists. Christians, Muslims, Taoists and Hindus are also part of the vibrant backdrop of Singapore.

With so much Diversity it is no wonder that the range of activities and experiences for tourists is almost unbelievable. State-of-the-art glass and steel skyscrapers soar towards the sky, while British colonial buildings adorn the outskirts. In the huge Chinatown you will find colorful neighborhoods with small shops, markets and great restaurants.

So there are so many great things to do during your visit to Singapore. However, we have taken the liberty of choosing the three most amazing sights for you!

These are the top 3 sights in Singapore

Are you ready? Then we start - these are the absolute ones Hot spotsthat you have to experience in the extremely densely populated city-state!

1. Gardens by the Bay

Sounds English and does it sound like Spanish to you? It doesn't have to. Gardens of the Bay Translated means “The Gardens by the Bay”, and it is an award-winning garden. The area covers over 100 hectares, the shape of which is reminiscent of an orchid and is dominated by huge, artificial trees (“supertrees”). Vertical allotments swing between them, between nine and sixteen stories high. There are those here in the evening Sky show - a futuristic choreography of light and music that transforms the gardens next to the famous Marina Bay Resort into a dream landscape.

2. China Town and its street food markets

We could make a secret of it, but don't: we love to open up culinary journey of discovery to go. If you think similarly and enjoy trying exotic dishes surrounded by the cheerful, lively noise on the busy streets of Singapore - then your path will lead you straight to Chinatown. We already mentioned it: Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and that is also reflected in the Street food-Stalls reflected in the street markets.

Great little food stalls where you can eat Indian, Chinese, Pakistani, Malay. The Peranakan-Kitchen stands out from this conglomerate again. It developed along the Strait of Malacca and combines Chinese cuisine with European influences.

Well - already hungry?

3. Marina Bay Sands Resort

The name anticipates it, even if it is admittedly niche knowledge: That Marina Bay Sands Resort was built by the Las Vegas Sands Resort Corporation. They, in turn, are among the world's most famous designers of international oases of wellbeing and casinos. The Marina Bay Resort is one of the most modern and impressive buildings that the Americans based in Las Vegas have built to date.

The three world-famous ones are 191 meters high Hotel towers, which are connected by a roof garden over 340 meters long. On the largest platform there is a 140 meter long infinity pool. The whole complex was developed by well-known Feng Shui masters, and the view from the roofs of the resort over the city is only breathtaking.

With construction costs of around 4.6 billion euros (over 8 billion Singapore dollars), the Marina Bay Resort is the most expensive casino complex in the world. In the building itself there is everything - from simple rooms to nightclubs, from shopping centers to theaters. But honestly? Nothing beats them Roof terraceand you will never forget the view for a lifetime.

So you see - have a good cruise South East Asia includes at least one stop in Singapore. For example this wonderful trip that our Asia expert Kristina selected for you - with a solar eclipse (if the weather cooperates) and a stop in Cambodia!

Singapore is already waiting for you!


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