Has anyone ever died with an erection

A Depiladora says: "We really see everything from the customer"

Pia from Berlin is 32 and depilates other people's bodies for "Wax in the City". In an interview, she told us why there is only one part that she would never wax.
by Tina Epking (interview)

Barbara.de: Why is it actually called Depiladora?

Pia: Because depilator sounds strange (she laughs).The term comes from the Brazilian and sounds simply nicer, that's why we say that at Wax in the City.

What do you like most about your job?

The variety and the fact that I deal with so many different people every day. Every person is different, from each one you learn something different. Some customers are very talkative and tell us extremely personal things.

Do you have such a thing as confidentiality?

Discretion is very important to us. We're a bit like therapists too. You get told very intimate things, but ideally you don't take them home with you. Otherwise you will need a therapist yourself at some point. When someone talks about a death or other bad things, it is very close. We are very intimate with the customer anyway, we see everything. For many customers it is an extreme challenge to completely undress.

Has it ever been a problem for you that you are so "close" to the customer? Physically too?

Overall, I am a very open person. It wasn't a problem for me, it's all just skin and hair. I think you shouldn't look at it differently in my job. It shouldn't matter what the customer looks like, whether they're fat, thin, male or female. As I said: we really see everything here.

What was the strangest thing you've ever had to wax?

There is actually nothing unusual for us because we do almost everything.

Is there any part of your body that you would never wax?

Sometimes people who have waxed heads want, but we don't. Neither do whiskers. They've been shaved for years, it's extremely painful and you need a lot of strength for that, as there is a risk of injury. It's the same for scalp hair.

Why do most people come to you?

Most come for Brazilian, the men for the back, chest, stomach and intimate.

Speaking of intimate areas: is it sometimes uncomfortable when a stranger, naked guy is in front of you?

No. Everyone has seen a penis and scrotum before.

But painlessly depilating a scrotum is certainly not that easy ...

You just have to know that you have to stretch the skin when applying and removing it. We learn from models how to do it. At the beginning, many depiladoras are afraid that they could hurt the men, but they are not that sensitive if you do it right. By the way, the most difficult thing to depilate is not the genital area, it is the arms because it is more difficult to apply.

Are men sometimes aroused because you touch them?

It does happen, but most apologize immediately. There are colleagues who even say it is easier when the limb is erect. It doesn't matter to me whether he has a short or a long Schniedelwutz. I depilate, that's my job.

Who is more complacent: men or women?

Indeed, men are often more relaxed, women are often more complicated.

Does the job change the view of the human body?

No not at all. However, I see more penises and vaginas than people in other professions. Every second waxing is an intimate waxing, Brazilian is our absolute supreme discipline.

Is it actually completely depilated automatically as a Depiladora?

Sure, we all do everything (she laughs).

What is the most important thing in your job?

That you pay attention to the direction of hair growth and that the skin is properly stretched.

Do you find something gross sometimes?

Let's put it this way, we offer the customer a wet wipe - and, if necessary, point out to him if something is not as it should be ...