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State government

In a nutshell
The government of a federal state is called a state government. It consists of a head of government and ministers. The state government determines which policy is made in their state.

Government of a federal state

Every German federal state has its own government. A state government consists of a head of government and a certain number of ministers. The head of government is elected by the state parliament. He or she determines which policy should be made in the country. The ministers are responsible in their areas.


The state governments take care of the political decisions in their state. Each state government is also represented in the Federal Council. In the Federal Council, the states have a say in what happens in federal politics.

Different names

The names for the state governments, the heads of government and the ministers are not uniform in the federal states. In the city states of Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen the state government is called the “Senate”, in Bavaria and Saxony it is called the “state government”. In most federal states, the head of a state government is called the prime minister. In Berlin the head of government is called “Governing Mayor”, in Hamburg and Bremen “Senate President”. The ministers of most of the state governments are called "state ministers"; in the city-states of Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen they are called senators.

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