Would vegans eat my emu eggs?

Scrambled egg spice

Stirred, not shaken

This is of course not about an alcoholic drink that the mysterious James Bond orders at the bar ... although he prefers to shake his martini anyway.

No, it's about a whisked egg dish that bears the simple name "scrambled eggs" and shows at first glance what it is made of. Raw eggs are cracked open and, if you like, mixed with a little water, cream or milk and spices. A little melted butter or oil in the pan ensures that the lively mixture seared evenly and quickly. So making scrambled eggs is really not a big challenge and a perfect opportunity for a delicious snack in the morning or in between.

But if that is still too boring for you, you can prepare your egg from the pan with other ingredients: A little salty bacon, onions, tomato cubes, cheese slices or even crabs give the scrambled eggs that certain something! Simply fry lightly beforehand or stir directly into the egg. The dish is rounded off with the right seasoning. Our scrambled egg mix contains everything that goes with the delicious food: Sea salt, paprika, pepper, turmeric, rosemary and more will spice up your omelette, fried or scrambled eggs in small amounts!

The fastest recipe: scrambled eggs from the microwave

“What's the quickest way to make scrambled eggs?” You ask yourself? If you want to save yourself heating up in the pan and washing up afterwards, we have a solution for you. Because even if you don't suspect it, you can also prepare your morning egg dish in the microwave!

The whisked dish is made in about five minutes: Beat the eggs as usual, season and add other ingredients such as bacon, cheese, tomatoes, etc., if you like. Now put everything in a microwave-safe container and cover it loosely. Then cook at the highest possible wattage for a few minutes. It is best to keep an eye on your egg so that you can take it out in good time! It's so easy and quick to make perfect scrambled eggs in the microwave - egg, egg, egg!

If you like it really hearty, our scrambled egg recipe with diced ham, peppers, onions and mushrooms is a hit for you! Or you can opt for the classic recipe with just four different ingredients. What does your perfect egg menu look like? The world is full of very different interpretations and ways of preparing eggs. And it doesn't even have to come from the chicken, because the ostrich, the emu or the quail also make delicious products. As Eggs Benedict, the classic egg bread with tartar sauce, a farmer's breakfast with potatoes or simply cooked and without anything for breakfast, your oval foods are also eaten with a shell.

The vegan variant with without

Now even vegans do not want to forego the unique taste of the chicken egg, and certainly not the delicious, whisked version. But what to do Simply prepare vegan scrambled eggs! Sounds strange at first, but it's possible. The market offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan foods, many of which are great for the pan or microwave. It works particularly well with tofu: it has little taste of its own and takes on the taste of the delicious spice. If you pluck it into small pieces with your hands, fry it in the pan and mix it with yeast or wheat flakes and some vegan yogurt, for example, you will get a scrambled egg-like consistency. The kala namak salt from Ankerkraut, which has a surprisingly similar aroma, provides the additional egg taste.

You can of course add dairy-free cheese slices and vegetables such as tomatoes or peppers and thus create a delicious breakfast dish without any animal products!