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12. Is it possible and sensible to sell real estate in times of Corona?

The sale of real estate is also possible during the corona pandemic, but the processes are partly in a different form and partly more slowly. When it makes sense to sell a residential property, particularly in the case of owner-occupied residential properties, it depends on the company personal situation from - this also applies in times of Corona. However, owners who are willing to sell and whose primary goal is a high selling price are still waiting. Because it is likely that real estate prices will change after one temporary stagnation or a slight fall recover again. The reason for assuming is that the Demand continues to be significantly higher than demand and even the building interest is expected keep falling become. However, if owners need an apartment suitable for senior citizens or if a sale is due to expiring fixed interest rates or a divorce, all the tasks necessary for the sale must be completed during the Covid 19 pandemic:

Contactless real estate appraisals on site

In order to determine a realistic sales price, a real estate agent carries out a property valuation, usually free of charge. To do this, he needs information such as the building description, floor plan or site plan, and then he inspects the property on site. The Inspection by the broker takes place during the Corona crisis contactless instead of: the real estate agent examines the real estate alone, meanwhile, he is connected to the owner by telephone or video conference. Open questions can then be clarified immediately. An appointment with the broker and owner on site is also possible in most federal states, provided the necessary distance and hygiene rules are observed.

Realtors do "ghost tours"

Marketing on the relevant real estate portals is already digital and contactless, and due to the Corona, more and more often with the help of 360 degree exposés, at which the prospective buyers the object commit virtually can. But how does it look when prospective the object visit on site want? Then the broker takes them on one first digital touron a so-called ghost tour of the house or apartment: He walks through the property with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and films all the details. The interested parties sit in front of their computers at home and can ask the real estate agent all the important questions. Those interested get one like that extensive picture of the propertythat they usually know afterwards whether or not they are specific Purchase intentions have or not.

And what about on-site property tours during the corona pandemic?

If a prospective customer has become a willing buyer, it stands Property inspection on site at. Currently find this maximum of two instead, only brokers and a prospective buyer look at the property together. If an expert comes along during the second inspection, the broker has to stay outside. By the way: also appraised as part of a construction loan Appraiser commissioned by the bank the property, usually together with the seller on site. But now the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) makes it possible temporarily Live video visits, in which the seller guides the appraiser through the property via smartphone video. This is possible because violations of the Mortgage Lending Value Determination Ordinance are currently not objected to.

How is the notarial certification of the sales contract possible during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sellers can contact Notarization of the purchase contract Have them represented in front of the notary by confidants who are equipped with a notarized power of attorney (more on the subject of real estate sales by representation) This is about useful if you are a Risk group belong. But also one representation without power of attorney is possible during the notarization in order to actually minimize the number of contacts. As a representative without power of attorney, the contracting parties can, for example, appoint the notary's staff to sign for them in the notary's office. You can do it yourself Participate in the instruction via video chat or conference call and let their will flow into the sales documents. However, such a contract is pending ineffective, although notarized by the notary, as long as there is no subsequent approval by the seller. However, sellers can currently also obtain the necessary signature outside of the notary's office, for example in a parking lot. More information under contactless real estate sales - is that possible?