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This is how you get authentic customer testimonials for videos

There really is no substitute for real video testimonials. When you are looking at a real story from a real customer about a product that you are about to buy, it carries tremendous weight. There's only one problem. Most of the video testimonials suck.

Qualitatively authentic testimonials do not need a script

Don't let the poverty of most video testimonials stop you from using them in your video marketing. Just commit to using good video testimonials.
Your goal here is to get real, authentic video clips from your customers. These clips should overcome objections, reinforce your product's key benefits, and tell a compelling story. In short, you want customer testimonials to make your videos more believable and encourage potential customers to take action.
In my opinion, the best thing to do is to let your customers say what they want to say. Scripting non-actors is a bad idea. Testimonials are almost always created that appear stilted and forced. By letting customers say what they want to say, you can achieve powerful sound clips that sound true. The approach I'm going to describe here takes a little more work than handing off a script to a client, but the end result is better day and night. If you get a few testimonials from "Gold Nugget", you can use them in your advertising campaigns.

3 characteristics for authentic testimonials

There are 3 things to look for in a video testimonial. When a testimonial has these 3 elements in it, you know you have something that will improve the performance of your video ad.
1. Credibility - The first question a viewer (consciously or unconsciously) asks when viewing a testimony is: Do I believe what this person is saying? Is this person getting paid to say that? Are you really excited about the product or do you just want to appear in an advertisement?
To get credible testimonials, you must first select the customers who match your ideal customer profile. You want your video testimonials to be sent straight to other ideal customers. You want the audience to see the testimony and think, “Hey, this person is like me. If you get the results you want with this product ... maybe I will too.
Testimonials only have a positive impact if they are credible. Credibility is achieved when customers “tell the truth” and don't use marketing language. In addition, credibility is often supported if testimonials are not shot by a professional film team. User generated videos from iPhone are often excellent. However, this is not an obligation. Large testimonials can also be shot in a studio with a film team. However, the budget required is much higher and therefore not very accessible to the advertising budgets of SMBs and freelancers.
2. Emotion - You should be feeling something when you are watching a video. Is the person sharing the testimony really excited? If so, you should feel that excitement. Are you relieved or grateful that an ongoing problem that you have faced for years is now resolved? You should feel her relief. Are they covered up when they talk about your product or are they geeky when they talk about your product? If so, you should feel it. Certificates fall flat without emotion. Without emotion, testimonials will not inspire new prospects to act.
3. Usefulness - Does the video testimony communicate anything valuable? Think about product reviews. Which reviews are the most helpful to you when shopping? Typically, helpful reviews are the ones with specific details that answer questions from buyers and overcome their objections. If someone just says, "I like this product," their comment won't be very helpful. He has to clarify why. Helpful video testimonials say something like, "I was really skeptical because I bought 4 similar products that all disappointed me until I found THIS new product that satisfied me because ..." Or alternatively, "Me have been using this product every day for 4 years now, in hindsight I still prefer it than the first time I bought it.

How to Find Your Best Ambassadors for Your Video Testimonial

Now that you know what to look for, let's discuss how to get your video testimonials. The first hurdle to overcome is helping a busy customer take the time to record a video. Then you need to offer advice to them on how best to record their testimony.
Here are a few ways to find customers who want to testify:
Be proactive. Call your best clients and ask them if they would be ready to record a video. Some of them will be flattered by this gesture and will agree to assist you if they are satisfied with your product / service. No incentive is required here, but we encourage you to give them something to make up for the time they gave you. Examples could be a gift card or basket, or a fun or useful gift.
Email the 5-star reviewers on your Google My Business page. Email all of your customers who leave 5-star reviews and offer free products or a discount if they provide a video testimonial.
Plan your communication. Email your customers after they have had time to use and like your product. It usually takes a few days to a few weeks after purchase. This is similar to the approach above. The difference is that you email anyone or almost everyone. Again incentivize them when they make a testimonial video.
Reward your brand ambassadors. One way or another (but without exaggeration so as not to compromise your brand's credibility), reward your ambassadors for the time they gave you to record their testimonials. It's the least you can do to thank them for promoting your product or service.
Once someone accepts the video testimony, they need a little coaching and validation.
Here is an example of an email you can send to your client after agreeing to send a testimonial:
“Thank you for sharing your experience with our brand.
It will be easy, fast and fun! Just click on this link and follow the online instructions on the page.
To help structure your testimonial, you can answer some or all of these three questions.
• I love / love / appreciate (mention the product / service) because ...
• The biggest change or improvement I've seen since using my (insert product) is ...
• The reason I switched to XYZ is ...
Or talk about your experience with our brand and why you think it's so great. Know that your story will be useful to other buyers like you.

Here are a few tips ...
Your testimonial doesn't have to be perfect. We will likely only be using brief excerpts from what you send us. If you have a couple of "hum" and "uh" ... no problem! The natural sounds better than perfect and we can cut it at any time during processing if necessary.
We want to see your face. Do not stand with bright light or the sun against the light. When you do this, the background becomes light and your face becomes darker. Let's face it ... your face is too expressive to be covered up!
Go to a relatively quiet place. Total silence is not the goal, so feel free to be outside or inside. Don't go to a very noisy place because we want to hear from you. Rock concerts and highways are therefore not recommended locations for this type of filming ;-).
Be yourself. We want to hear you for who you are ... not a professional actor. Don't worry about looking super nice or super polite. If you are not a professional actor, stay the way you are!
Once your testimonial is recorded, you can watch it again to make sure it suits you, or record it again if you are not satisfied with the content. Once validated, we will receive it and we can thank you for supporting our brand.


Final recommendations for authentic video testimonials

Once you've received a certain number of testimonials, you can use them as-is or make a video with the best excerpts from the videos you received, whichever strategy you use.
Keep them focused. If a customer sends you a 5 minute video, you are likely only using one or more clips. In general, you will be careful to focus the content in each testimonial on 1 or 2 major benefits. These targeted messages are generally more powerful and impactful.
The ergonomics of your testimonial gallery should not be neglected. Make sure your online visitors can easily access your various video testimonials. Remember that internet users are impatient. While you love to enjoy every word your customers have when promoting your brand, your prospects don't have all of the time to you because they are in a rush. They just want to find answers to their questions and allay their fears. So it's about keeping only the essentials.
And keep your feet on the ground! The content of these testimonials may (and often are) repetitive, but it reflects your customers' opinions ... and so much the better if they give you similar compliments ... but be careful if a video doesn't reflect yours Brand Reality ... don't use it as it could damage your online reputation ...!
Good luck and good prospects fishing your brochures! opens a new digital video testimonial platform in Switzerland

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