What is the best web hosting for affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Programs for Hosting Companies

The partner programs are a simple and mostly inexpensive way for web hosts to transform the satisfaction of their customers into new customers. What originally began as a simple referral of existing customers is now used by resellers or affiliates for professional earnings.

The successful programs of this kind can also give good tips for your own project in the area of ​​partner programs. After all, this creates a good opportunity to reward customers for attracting new customers. It is not always about direct profit, but sometimes just about winning customers.

Here we introduce you to the best affiliate programs for hosting companies:

The partner program of All-Inkl.com

The program of the large provider All-Inkl.com is a good example of the simple and actually rather rudimentary programs of this kind. Existing customers have the opportunity to recruit new customers with a simple referral and receive a small commission for them. This is credited directly to your own customer account and can therefore cover the costs for one month, for example. With a simple package for web hosting, the customer receives 10 euros, which, depending on the size of the package, can work up to 20 euros. You get a lot more money for servers, of course, but what is the probability of a mediation in this area for normal customers? Actually, this program is only recommended if you are an existing customer and work in the industry yourself - for example in online marketing.


All-inkl affiliate program (source: all-inkl)


The new partner program from Hosteurope

The Hosteurope program is also primarily aimed at its own customers. The decisive difference compared to the all-inclusive competitor is the choice of packages and prices. Here you can not only provide web hosting or servers to other people, but also services or e-mail packages, domains and other things that you can find in the product portfolio of Hosteurope. Here, too, it must be said that the prices ensure that the mediation is not really worthwhile, at least in a professional style. On the other hand, the selection for mediation by your own customers is at least a little better.

Hosteurope partner program (source: hosteurope)

Netbeat affiliate program and a pleasant change

The Netbeat partner program shows that things are a little different in this area. Here the customer also gets a list of the possible products, but the prices are not tied to fixed commissions. Rather, you get 70% of the first net annual prices for brokering a product from the service provider through the partner program. Thus, such a partner program would not only be worthwhile for your own active customers, but also offer a basis for freelancers who can help with the placement of new customers. The prices should at least be worth considering for such groups.

Netbeat partner program (Source: Netbeat.de)


Checkdomain's partner program

With the Checkdomain partner program, affiliates can receive high commissions of at least 40% on the sales of a referral customer. This applies to all products from the Checkdomain range from domain registration to web hosting and server solutions to additional services such as RankingCoach search engine optimization or SSL certificates. Partners can also benefit from advantages such as a particularly fast payout and a personal contact. Participation in the Checkdomain partner program takes place through Germany's largest affiliate network, Awin.

Checkdomain affiliate program (source: checkdomain)


Dogado's affiliate program

Dogado's partner program is also interesting for affiliates due to the high commissions of up to 40% on the turnover of a referral customer. The large selection of products from web hosting packages to hosted exchange solutions to online backup and data backup ensures that there are suitable offers for a particularly broad target group. In the Dogado partner program, partners can look forward to the long cookie runtimes of 40 days. Participation in the partner program takes place via Germany's largest affiliate network Awin.

Dogado partner program (source: awin)


Alfahosting's affiliate program

The Alfahosting partner program is particularly interesting because of the attractive lifetime remuneration. Affiliates not only receive a one-off payment when a referred customer orders a product, but the commissions are paid for as long as the referred stays with Alfahosting. For example, if the referenced customer extends his web space package every year, the partner will also receive remuneration every year. The exact commissions for the individual products as well as the registration for the partner program take place directly on the Alfahosting website.

Alfahosting's partner program (source: alfahosting)


Affiliate program or not?

Whether you want to set up such a program yourself is of course a question of whether it is worthwhile in the calculation. The programs presented by Hosteurope and All-Inkl.com will certainly not attract large numbers of customers, but they will provide a good opportunity to earn a little money for your own customers. A program like the one from Netbeat can help on a large scale, but it must be checked at regular intervals whether this area is still economically viable.