Can a US Army soldier be suspended?

The Americans will elect their president on November 3, 2020. Will it be Donald Trump again? Or will Joe Biden, who prevailed in the Democratic primary, win? All news and developments at a glance:

Trump is not yet convinced in the Navalny case

Saturday 5th September: According to President Donald Trump, the US government has not yet seen any evidence of the poisoning of Alexej Navalny, but does not doubt Germany's findings. "I don't know exactly what happened. It's tragic, terrible, we haven't seen any evidence, but we'll look at it," said Trump at a press conference in the White House on the case of the Russian opposition politician. Trump held back from criticizing Moscow and instead emphasized that he had a good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The US State Department had previously expressed "deep concern" to Russia. The use of such a chemical weapon by Russia would be a clear violation of its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, the ministry said. Vice Foreign Minister Stephen Biegun informed the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoliy Antonov, of this. Biegun called on Russia to cooperate fully with the international community in investigating the case. NATO also called on Russia to cooperate.

The federal government regards it as proven that Navalny was poisoned with the nerve agent Novitschok. The Kremlin critic suddenly fell into a coma on a flight in his home country and is being treated in Berlin at the insistence of his family.

"Based on what Germany says, that seems to be the case," said Trump about Navalny's Novichok poisoning. "I would be very upset if that is the case." Russia denies being involved in poisoning the 44-year-old politician.

Trump renewed his criticism of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. He does not understand why Germany is doing business with Russia and at the same time imposing sanctions on Moscow and then expecting the US to be militarily protected against the country. In Germany, too, there are now politicians who are critical of the project because of the poisoning of Navalny and want to end it.

Report: Trump called war deaths "losers" several times

Friday, September 4th: According to a media report, US President Donald Trump has made several disparaging remarks about captured or killed members of the military. The war dead of the First World War in the American cemetery Aisne-Marne in France are said to have been described by Trump as "losers" and "suckers", according to the magazine The Atlantic reported. This was confirmed by the AP news agency from circles of the Ministry of Defense. Trump said this was the case when a daily briefing on November 10, 2018 was about visiting the cemetery outside Paris, said a senior Defense Ministry employee with first-hand knowledge.

Employees of the National Security Council and the Secret Service had told Trump that traveling there by helicopter was risky because of the rainy weather and recommended driving there. Trump then reportedly said he did not want to visit the cemetery because it was "full of losers". In another conversation on the trip, Trump referred to The Atlantic According to the 1,800 marines who died in the Battle of Belleau Forest in World War I, "fools" for being killed.

Trump immediately denied the cause. "This report is obviously wrong," said White House Strategic Communications Director Alyssa Farah. "President Trump highly values ​​the military."

In 2015, shortly after the start of his election campaign, Trump called the war veteran and Senator John McCain, who spent years as a prisoner of the Vietnamese, a "loser". "He's not a war hero," Trump said of McCain at the time. "I like people who haven't been captured."

Trump has already caused irritation in the US military in the recent past because he does not want to confront Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin with reports that Russia has put bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan. American intelligence agencies confirm the existence of such a killing bonus.

Suspected gunman killed in arrest in Portland

Friday, September 4th: Michael Forest Reinoehl, an alleged suspect in the shooting of a right-wing activist in Portland, Oregon, is dead. According to several US media reports, he was killed on Thursday (local time) while the police tried to arrest him. The New York Times According to the 48-year-old tried to escape from the police, whereupon they shot him. Michael Forest Reinoehl, who described himself as an Antifa and took to the streets for the rights of African Americans, was believed to be a suspect in the case of Aaron Danielson, who was killed a few days ago in a clash of demonstrators. In addition to the right-wing activist Danielson, two left-wing protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were shot dead by an apparently right-wing teenager.

Policemen suspended after suffocation of African Americans

Friday, September 4th: In the case of Daniel Prude, a black man who died after his arrest, the seven police officers involved have been suspended from duty. The Mayoress of Rochester, New York, Lovely Warren, said at a press conference. "Daniel Prude has been let down by the police, our mental health care system and our society, and he has been let down by me."

Prude had died in March at the age of 41 after life support was stopped. Seven days earlier, the then naked and apparently mentally confused man was arrested in Rochester, New York State. Police pulled a spit-guard over his head and pushed his head to the ground. A coroner concluded that Prude's death was a homicide caused by "complications of suffocation due to physical limitations." The report cited delirium and acute poisoning from the drug phencyclidine, also known as PCP, as contributing factors.

Prude's family posted video footage and recordings from bodycams on Wednesday. Before that, Prude's death had received little public attention. Prude was from Chicago and visited his family in Rochester. After the publication, criticism had risen that the city had been silent for months before Prude's death. Mayor Warren said she was misled about the circumstances of the arrest. Police chief La'Ron Singletary portrayed death as a result of a drug overdose. Warren said she only learned that violence had been used on August 4. She was "deeply personally and professionally disappointed" by the police chief's failure to inform her in detail about what had happened.

Biden speaks to the family of a black man seriously injured in Kenosha

Thursday, September 3rd: US presidential candidate Joe Biden has met the family of Black Jacob Blake, who was seriously injured by a police officer in Wisconsin. Biden spoke to Blake's parents and siblings as well as members of his legal team in Milwaukee on Thursday, the campaign team said. Blake himself is still in the hospital, but was connected to the conversation by phone. Biden said his visit was intended to help Wisconsin and the United States recover.

Blake was shot several times in the back in front of his children in Kenosha in mid-August and, according to the family, is paraplegic. The incident sparked protests against racist police violence and serious rioting in which two people were shot, allegedly by a 17-year-old.

President Donald Trump was in Kenosha on Tuesday and thanked the police for their intervention against violence. He did not meet the Blakes family. There was outrage that Trump did not condemn the 17-year-old's fatal shots at two demonstrators. Instead, the president has suggested that the youth did not shoot until after he had fallen and been attacked - although the first fatal shot was fired before the young man ran away and fell to the ground. Biden also wanted to meet police officers in Kenosha and speak to business people and representatives of civil society. Wisconsin's Attorney General Josh Kaul called Biden's visit an opportunity to "bring people together, support people who are demonstrating peacefully and calling for the change they want to see." Trump was not interested in this during his visit to Kenosha.

Wisconsin is likely to become one of the most competitive states in the November presidential election.

Trump calls for double voting - that would be electoral fraud

Thursday, September 3rd: So far, Donald Trump has railed against postal voting several times. Trump and his wife Melania have apparently already voted by letter themselves. In addition, the US head of state now even advocated that US citizens vote in this way - albeit in an absurd, criminal way.

During a visit to North Carolina, Trump said the Americans should vote twice: "Let them send in (the vote) and let them vote (at the polling station)," the president told journalists while his plane was in the background Air Force One was standing. "If the electoral system is as good as they say, then obviously they will not be able to vote," he said. If the double vote is not recorded, then those are able to vote twice. "Then that's how it is," said Trump. "That's what you are supposed to do." In doing so, the president called for election fraud. Multiple voting is prohibited in the USA - as in all democratic states.

Trump's attorney general Barr Will tried to explain Trump's statements a little later. "It seems to me that he wants to point out that the possibilities to monitor the system are not good. And that you would be caught trying to vote a second time if it would work well," Barr told CNN . When asked that attempting to vote twice would be illegal, Barr said, "I don't know what the law is about in this particular state." In North Carolina, it is a crime under the electoral law to both vote and incite more than one vote.

The postal vote criticized by Trump is also one of the most forgery-proof voting methods in the USA. The world will also continue to struggle with the coronavirus in November. With the help of postal voting, people can cast their votes without exposing themselves to the risk of infection in front of the polling station or in the voting booth.

Two months before the presidential election, the incumbent is behind his challenger Joe Biden in polls. A new poll by the former Trump favorite channel Fox News confirms this trend with new figures from Arizona, North Carolina and Wisconsin - possible key states. In all three states, the Republican Trump is sometimes several percentage points behind the Democrat Biden. In the election that was victorious for him four years ago, Trump had obtained a majority there.

Trump threatens "lawless" cities with cuts

Thursday, September 3rd: During his visit to Kenosha on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump praised the work of the police and condemned the looting and arson during the protests as "domestic terrorism". He did not meet Blake's family.

While Biden presents himself as a reconciler in the US election campaign, the incumbent sticks to his line of maximum severity. Trump declared that he wanted to turn off the money in several cities because of ongoing demonstrations and riots. "My government will not allow tax dollars to fund cities turning into lawless zones," he said in a memo released Wednesday. Russel Vought, in charge of the White House budget, should look at ways to limit or otherwise disadvantage cities like New York, Portland, Washington and Seattle from receiving federal grants.

The paper instructs Attorney General William Barr to compile a list of "anarchist jurisdictions" that have "permitted the persistence of violence and property destruction and have refused to take appropriate action" to restore order. Barr had previously denied that many unarmed African Americans were shot dead by white police officers in the United States. Barr said in an interview with CNN that reports of an "epidemic-like" increase in police killings would paint the wrong picture. "The fact is, it is very rare for an unarmed African American to be shot dead by a white policeman."

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wrote on the short message service Twitter that Trump was trying to cut funds that states and cities urgently needed to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. "He's not a king. He can't take the funds away from New York City," Cuomo said. It is an illegal move by Trump.

Facebook and Twitter report on Russian influence

Wednesday, September 2nd: Russia is apparently trying to influence the outcome of the next US election again via social networks. Facebook and Twitter reported that they blocked a small network of accounts and sites following a tip from the US domestic intelligence agency, the FBI. The accounts are said to have spread disinformation from the Russian Internet Research Academy. As the New York Times and the British Guardian reported, the campaign had a significantly lower reach than comparable Russian disinformation campaigns before the last US election in 2016.

Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook's security department, reported that the company had blocked a total of 13 accounts on a network. Only a small part of the content was aimed at US users. The Russian campaign aimed to spread false information in the left wing, said Gleicher. According to New York Times the 13 accounts had a total of only about 14,000 followers.

Following an FBI tip, Twitter removed a total of five accounts that, according to the company, were connected to "actors of the Russian state". "The accounts had little effect," wrote Twitter.

The Russian Internet Research Academy was the main group behind a concerted campaign to influence the 2016 US election on Facebook. The extent of the Russian influence in the social networks became known only after the election, several million users were reached by the disinformation campaign of the time.

Trump blames Democrats for destruction in Kenosha

Tuesday, September 1st: US President Donald Trump has accused the Democrats of failure after violent protests against racism and police violence in the city of Kenosha. He said that he offered those responsible in the city and in the state of Wisconsin the support of federal officials in order to get the protests under control. "They just didn't want us to come, and then the destruction was done," Trump said on a visit to Kenosha on Tuesday.

The city has not been calm since a police officer shot the black Jacob Blake several times in the back on August 23 and seriously injured him. He should remain paralyzed. The protests since then have caused damage of around two million dollars to city property, according to the city administration on Tuesday. A young Trump supporter allegedly shot two people on the sidelines of the protests.

Trump met the owners of a destroyed furniture store and police officers during his visit to Kenosha on Tuesday. Kenosha was hit by riots that were "directed against the police and anti-American," said Trump. "It wasn't a peaceful protest, it was domestic terrorism." Trump also promised $ 1 million in support for the local police force and $ 4 million in business rebuilding. The entire state of Wisconsin would be allocated $ 42 million for public safety.

Once again he warned that if his Democratic rival Joe Biden won the election in November, other cities would suffer the same fate as Kenosha. A meeting with Blake's family was not planned. One of the man's uncle, Justin Blake, said: "We don't need any more pain and division from a president who wants to advance his campaign at the expense of our city." Trump's car convoy drove through under heavy police protection between supporters and opponents who were kept at a distance.

The Democratic governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, had previously asked Trump to skip his visit because it could exacerbate tensions in the city. The president himself, however, said he believed his presence in Wisconsin would "increase enthusiasm". Wisconsin is likely to become one of the most competitive states in the election.

Trump defends Kenosha shooters

Tuesday, September 1st: US President Donald Trump has defended the white shooter who is said to have shot two people during a protest against racism in the city of Kenosha. Trump suggested that he acted in self-defense: the demonstrators attacked him "very violently" and he "would have been killed," said Trump on Monday evening (local time) in the White House. Investigations are still ongoing, he added.

The 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse is accused of shooting two people and injuring another person last week on the sidelines of the partly violent protests in Kenosha. His lawyer speaks of self-defense. Riots broke out in the city after a police officer shot 29-year-old African American Jacob Blake seven times in the back on August 23. The incident sparked protests against racism and police violence, and riots broke out. Governor Tony Evers then sent the National Guard to the city.