Gold is the biggest scam in history

Biggest fraud in history

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New York (dpa / ND). The allegedly largest gold find this century in Indonesia has turned out to be the worst scam in the history of mining. The core samples from the Busang area were adulterated to an extent "that is unprecedented in the history of global mining in terms of scope, duration and precision," writes the mining testing company Strathcona Mineral Services Limited. The gold in the samples submitted by the exploration company Bre-X does not come from the area. Strathcona had evaluated numerous drill samples from the Canadian gold exploration company Bre-X-Minerals Ltd. Bre-X CEO David Walsh described the test result on Sunday evening as "devastating". Bre-X made headlines around the world with the statement that Busang contained up to 70 million troy ounces of gold. After the "finds" were announced, the Bre-X shares skyrocketed like a rocket.

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