Do helix piercings hurt

Helix piercing (on top of the ear) does that hurt?

  • Hey you! I'm just thinking about whether I should have a "helix piercing" done in the next few days .... who has one and did it hurt a lot ?!

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  • Hm, I got mine done 7 years ago and had a swollen ear for almost a month. But I am also a very sensitive person. You usually get an antiseptic that you smear on and then it actually works. Left the plug in for a long time, that's better that way. then had different rings for a while, now again a nice plug. I find it very nice there, so hidden.

  • yes I think that's very nice too but I'm a little scared about it

  • I think what hurts the most is the time afterwards when you heal, especially if you accidentally lie on it at night ... otherwise you don't have a knuckle like in the tragus - that is supposed to hurt abnormally ..

  • I had mine shot and not stabbed. Should be omitted at all costs, as I read out here in the forum.

    But then I just had no idea.

    It hurt like hell for me and got infected. I can't say whether it was the shooting or me or something else. I've had it for 7 years now and of course nothing hurts anymore.

  • but surely you have cartilage there! what else is the auricle made of?

    I had my helix shot 11 years ago, the shooting didn't hurt, but after that it also became badly infected, that was real nerve pain!

    however, once it healed i never had any problems with it again

  • however, at least not as thick as at the place of the tragus piercing ..

  • so i have one too. pricking didn't hurt at all and it actually healed quickly, too. but it's been a while so I can't say that exactly anymore. I got a ring straight away (without a ball, but so through) and got a spray for home. then the usual cleaning and turning, etc ...

    I don't have any unpleasant memories, so it couldn't have been that bad

  • my girlfriend was moaning quite a bit but she is also very sorry ...

  • Ouch!

    So I had one shot because I liked it a lot, but only had problems with it ... was badly inflamed, terrible pain ended up at the dermatologist who referred me to a specialist as soon as possible because I had severe cartilage inflammation. And that's when the piercing came out. Still got a scar on my ear And I have some piercings and only with this one such problem. Would not advise.

  • I'm not surprised that you had such problems with it when you let it shoot you ...

  • phew, I had a helix pricked 2-3 years ago. it looks really good but there is still some cartilage (wild meat) next to the piercing.

    pain when pricking was tolerable, looks are also good, but it is a very, very protracted healing process ..

  • right, if you let yourself be shot, you almost immediately sign ne inflammation plus any complications. I just had a helix pierced, it was pretty harmless. after 2 days it was relatively okay.

  • I would definitely always get my hair caught there

  • I don't have one, but my sister got one a few years ago. With her it all caught fire and it took forever to heal (but unfortunately I don't know whether it was stung or shot). Therefore, I have refrained from the idea of ​​having one made for me too.

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