How do you wear formal clothes

Your dress code for customer appointments

Business Casual: Basic style ideas for casual meetings

For some customers, business casual means jeans and sneakers, but others expect you to appear in a conservative outfit. General rules of style will help you out in casual meetings. Both Top is simple best, like patterned blouses, chiffon shirts and the matching ones coat. For the bottoms, chinos and structured wool pants work fine. Dark colors are useful for these customer appointments. If you wear heels, these should be no higher than five centimeters be. Other options are brogues and pumps. When it comes to accessories, a simple look is best. If you need a coat on a cold day, wear one chic trench coat.

Style rules for formal meetings

For formal business meetings and client appointments, the style should be more sophisticated than what you wear to everyday work. Formal style guidelines include Cotton and chiffon shirts. Fitted pants or wide-leg pants that are dark or tan look elegant at formal meetings. If you prefer skirts, wear a black or tweed pencil skirt. As a dress, a high-necked A-line of appropriate length is an excellent choice. As with business casual, pumps and brogues are suitable. Even at formal meetings, you should only wear a small amount of jewelry and a suitable bag. Black stockings in combination with a dark skirt or dress are also very suitable.

Corporate style: How to dress casually and still convince

In the business world, with the exception of the less creative industries, there is a typical clothing standard. Leggings, hoodies and tattered jeans are out of place here. So the big question remains: what should I wear? Convenience is an issue for most, so it is important to pleasant fabrics to find and sizes that fit. A blazer doesn't mean it has to be plain, boxy, or boring. It's a standard item that you can throw over any shirt or dress to enhance it. Play with different colors, styles and details to emphasize your personal style. Denim is also accepted in most offices, but dark denim is suitable for casual customer appointments. Choose colors and details that reflect your style and combine the pants with elegant tops for an elegant business-casual look. Business style is not synonymous with boring or uncomfortable, but it takes some effort. Think about who you are meeting and how you want to be perceived. Avoid sweatshirts and hoodies, and wear closed-toe shoes even for casual get-togethers.

Women have a few more options and can go with a blouse or v-neck sweater and skirt. You can also do one Pants suit, a skirt suit, wear a tailored dress or pants with a matching jacket. Remember that the simpler the garment, the more formal it appears. Typical business colors are Gray, blue, black and brown. These are main colors for formal outfits. A light blouse, patterned shirt or necklace add some color. Other options are accessories such as a stylish watch, a structured handbag or interesting shoes. Make sure that your shoe style corresponds to your outfit. Your shoes speak volumes about your attention to detail.

Know your audience and dress appropriately

Before you stand in front of your wardrobe and wait for inspiration, take a look at them Company website of the customer. On the "About Us" page you will probably find pictures of the main players in the company and what they wear in these pictures is an indication of how the company wants to be perceived by the outside world. If your appointment is with a team of lawyers, a traditional business ensemble with a blazer and collar shirt is the standard to which you should orient yourself. It is also important to remember what you hope to represent. Find the golden mean between your personal style, a connection to your audience and the expectations of the dress code that you as a representative of your company are subject to.

Accessories are your secret weapon

If you're not sure what makes your customer tick, adding accessories is a great way to spice up or downsize an outfit. You might think your client was a formal guy, but after a quick look at Instagram on the way to your meeting, you can see that he is always dressed casually. Easy to remove accessories allow quick adjustment. It takes an outfit up or down the scale without completely changing clothes. Apply the same logic to the type of watch you plan to wear or how eye-catching your earrings and other jewelry are.

Conclusion: when in doubt, wear black

It cannot be denied that wearing black always adds a certain something. Your main goal when deciding what to wear to a client appointment is to be special Balance between corporate values ​​and your personal style to find. If you follow these tips when choosing your outfit for a business meeting, you will confidently walk into every meeting and do your best.