Offers EY study opportunities

Dual studies at EY

What do you see as the advantages of a dual study program? 
»The material learned in the theoretical phases can be implemented and applied promptly in the practical phases. You can "see" what what you have learned is good for. In addition, you become familiar with everyday office life and can make important contacts in the office during your studies. In addition, you have ‘your foot in the door’ at your company, which opens up good prospects for the time after your studies. "

Why did you choose Ernst & Young? 
»EY is the largest tax consultancy company in Germany. As a global company, EY offers a wide range of development opportunities. Particularly important for my decision was the opportunity to gain experience in an international environment and to work with highly qualified specialists. «

A dual course of study with training plus studies sounds like a lot of time ...? 
"Although the schedule looks tighter than, for example, for university students, there is still time for other things such as sports, friends and celebrations."

Do you work in different departments at EY? 
»In accordance with the growing theoretical knowledge, the tasks taken on in the practical phases are becoming increasingly demanding. At EY I got to know several areas at different locations. It makes sense to spend a longer period of time in one area so that you can really immerse yourself and then take on more extensive tasks. "

How is the financing structured? 
»The dual partner pays an apprenticeship allowance and usually also offers other services. For example, EY pays the tuition fees and pays book money. "

How do you rate the future job market opportunityn of a dual student?
»The practical experience and the network built up during the course are major advantages of a dual student. The standardization of the bachelor's degrees in the course of the Bologna reform also upgraded the degree at a dual university. The dual partners basically train for their own needs, which means that a takeover after graduation should be the rule. "

Do you have the prospect of a permanent job at EY? 
»I was given the prospect of being taken on after graduation even before the start of my studies. Despite the tense economic situation, I received a permanent contract and will be permanently employed from October. "