What's your favorite book 11

Reading tips: Her paperback shop in Freiberg will be 25 years old in November The 11-book question for Heike Wenige

Heike few has two reasons to celebrate this autumn. your Paperback store It started exactly 25 years ago in the center of Freiberg's old town, and this October it was awarded the German Bookstore Prize in the “Best Bookstores” category.

With her literary assortment and the diverse event concept, Heike Wenige won a firm place in the hearts of small and large Freiberg book lovers right after the bookstore was founded.

"Between the cultural locations of Dresden and Chmenitz it was and is not an easy task," admits Heike Wenige. "But now we are a 'brand' in the city and everyone knows our logo, the paperback raven."

Customer care, a carefully selected range and a loving presentation are the be-all and end-all of the 45 square meter shop. A commitment that pays off: "Every happy customer is a multiplier for further new and young customers," says Heike Wenige.


1. Your favorite book as a child?

  • Quote from my mom: “I don't know your favorite book, you've read so much. I only know that you loved your Henriette. But it wasn't a book. "

2. Which book has shaped your life?

  • Book? Books! The whole world of fairy tales by Grimm, Andersen, Hauff and also those from 1001 night

3. Your favorite book today?

  • Oh, to name that would be unfair to those who used to be and to those who will be

4. Which book would you have wished for more success?

  • I have never thought about it

5. Which book do you prefer to give away?

  • Everyone gets the book that I think they like, and sometimes the one that I think they need right now

6.Which book would you give an entire shop window to?

  • Right now: Megan Hayes, Atlas of Happiness - 50 secrets of happiness from around the world; because happiness can be so easy

7. Which book do you think is completely superfluous?

  • Book? Books! Above all, everyone who is populist, nationalist, reactionary and who disdains human rights

8. Which bestseller success came unexpectedly for you?

  • The whole world of the ring kangaroos

9. Which book would you actually like to write?

  • The very unexpected bestseller, preferably playing by the sea. Or poetry. I would like to be able to write poetry

10. Which current title would you wish the greatest success for?

  • Kathrin Aehnlich, How Mrs. Krause invented the GDR

11. Which book are you reading right now?

  • Simone Lappert, The jump