What makes a school great

Mail from school is what many associate with the evil blue letter that warns of a grade repetition. Mail from school can also be encouraging. Teachers from Northern Ireland have now written their students a letter to ease their fear of test results.

"Before you open the envelope with your score, we want you to read this," the text begins. In Northern Ireland, children go to primary school together for seven years. In the seventh grade, there are the important P7 tests that decide which school the children can attend afterwards. It should come as no surprise that this causes the student a lot of stress and, in the worst case, also grief.

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If the score is not as high as hoped, it is quite normal "that you are disappointed," write the teachers. "We would be sorry and we would be sad together with you - but we would not be disappointed in you." Unfortunately, things often did not work out in life as one had imagined. Then comes what is perhaps the most important message for students: "We believe that your attitude and who you are as a person are much more important than a grade on a test."

The text traveled online through countless timelines and was shared and liked many times. We were really surprised by the amount of attention, "Headmaster Harry Greer told the BBC. The teachers just wanted to let the students know how they were feeling." For many children it's a time of great excitement, "but for some the test result is a big one Disappointment.

And so the teacher's letter ends with a few nice words that all parents should keep in mind in case a child brings home a bad testimonial: "Remember, this is just a grade on a test. You can't express how great you are! "