How is junk food bad for us

5 good reasons to avoid junk food

and why Huel is a fantastic alternative.

Junk food is bad. Everyone knows that. Nevertheless, it has spread through our culture, has almost become a culture in itself.

But what exactly is junk food? "Junk" means scrap, garbage, so it is a collective term for all the inferior, unhealthy things that we stuff into ourselves. This includes both fast food and most of the ready-made products from the supermarket.

So junk food means garbage. Why do we still need 5 reasons? Because, unfortunately, when the food industry is seduced, our heads turn off far too often and our appetite takes control, the desire for sweet, fatty and unhealthy foods.

But junk food isn't all bad for you. So we start somewhere else.

1. Sustainability

We start with the environment. Our current diet stands for pure waste and environmental destruction.

  • “For one kilo of wheat, 1300 liters of water are required, for one kilo of beef more than 15,000 liters, calculates the managing director of the Association of German Water Protection in Bonn.” (Source: de)
  • Herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, fertilizers and other harmful substances seep into the soil and contaminate our groundwater.
  • Factory farming produces more greenhouse gases than all the planes and cars in the world combined.
  • We just throw away around 30% of our food, and produce huge amounts of packaging waste. And in the production of this packaging, completely new abysses open up.

Our way of life is simply not sustainable in the long run, neither for us humans nor for our earth. These documents deal with the problem in more detail:

We feed the world


The answer is "Conscious Diet". Huel can be a real help here, as it does without animal products and thanks to its long shelf life (unopened up to 12 months, opened up to 6 months), it reduces food waste and packaging waste to a minimum.

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2. Cruelty

Most people would describe themselves as fond of animals and yet they promote an industry that causes untold suffering to animals:

  • Mother animals are torn away from their babies
  • Cows have inflamed, festering udders from the milking machines
  • Chicks are simply shredded, etc.

Animal products can hardly exist without suffering animals, especially if they are sold at dumping prices in junk food.

Documentations and reports show gruesome images, and yet we are no longer allowed to look the other way. Here are just two examples:

Huel is designed to be 100% vegan ingredients. No animal products, no cruelty to animals.

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3. Health

With the consumption of junk food we not only torture animals, but also ourselves.

Everyone knows it, everyone suppresses it: junk food is unhealthy. Studies show this on countless levels. Here are just a few of the effects of nutritional deficiencies and pollutants:

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, uncontrolled appetite, cancer, depression, increased risk of dementia and liver damage.

Junk food is designed to create cravings in the consumer, not a healthy diet.

There is also exciting, informative documentation on this that is definitely thought-provoking:

Food Inc. - What Are We Really Eating?

Our daily poison

Most of the so-called diseases of civilization can be traced back to our western diet.

It is high time to turn the tide and take our diet into our own hands again. Only wholesome, natural foods, carefully prepared, can guarantee a healthy diet. Or?

Nearly. With all the essential nutrients the body needs and no flavor enhancers, added sugar, preservatives or other harmful ingredients, Huel can be a helpful alternative when a healthy diet with natural foods is difficult - which leads us to our next point.

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4. Convenience

One of the main factors to consider when choosing junk food is time. Fetching a burger for a moment or putting a finished product in the microwave is quick and easy. Who has the time to set up a nutrition plan, go shopping, prepare the groceries and do the dishes afterwards?

One way to eat healthily in everyday work is to cook in advance on the evening before or on the weekend. Spend as much time on your diet as possible to make sure you are getting the correct and sufficient nutrients.

However, many people also use Huel to replace meals, such as breakfast or lunch, on stressful weekdays. It can be prepared in seconds and adjusted precisely to your own needs by means of dosage. This ensures a healthy diet without spending a lot of time.

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5. Diet

Of course, no junk food diet works, everyone knows that. Not enough essential nutrients, too much fat, sugar and so on, but also the addiction that is generated - both mentally and physically. But even a single “Cheat Day” can have devastating consequences for any other diet.

Junk food, for example, causes blood sugar to skyrocket, but only for a short time. If it sinks again, you feel tired, flat, maybe even depressed. The next dose is needed. Flavor enhancers ensure that natural foods taste comparatively bland and appear boring. A vicious circle. You have to wean yourself completely to get away from it. Or have an incredibly strong will.

Huel can also help with weight management, whether you're trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight. You have a clear overview of all nutrients and calories and can tailor your meals to your needs.

Thanks to our flavor powders, Huel never gets boring and you can also incorporate it into other dishes, we have already collected some great recipes here.


We cannot afford to ignore the effects of junk food. Just a little bit of research can open your eyes, unfortunately we forget or suppress such thoughts very quickly again and again. But there are many reasons to pull the lever once and for all and wake up our fellow human beings as well, regardless of Huel.

Nevertheless, Huel can be a great support and alternative when everyday life makes a full, natural diet difficult.

Convince yourself.

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