Have you ever had a nerf battle

βš™οΈ Patch notes from 05/22/2018: The nerfs for obsessed lackey and Co. are here

The time has come: A few minutes ago a new update went online in Hearthstone, which includes the nerfs for 6 cards announced some time ago - specifically, Off to Battle, Malevolent Summoner, Naga Sea Witch, Dark Pact, Possessed Lackey and Descent into the depth weakened.

Apart from the nerfs, the update doesn't seem to have included any other changes - Blizzard has not published patch notes.

Here is a brief summary of the map changes:

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Comments on "βš™οΈ Patch notes from 05/22/2018: The nerfs for obsessed lackey and Co. are here"

I can only recommend Cubehunter to you. So I had 3 defeats from rank 3 to legend.

But I have to say that I almost only met taunt druids, mage or rogue decks and not a single priest, warlock (1-2) or pala with whom the decks had serious problems before the nerf ..

But that requires the help of Blizzard in the sense of further (meta-capable) Evolve cards ... well wait and see, hope dies last, as we know.
- Ryudo

Yeah But for that there would have to be an Evolve reprint. Maybe they are tricking a bit and bringing out a 2 mana version with echo. That would be extremely strong. But unstable evolution is just too slow. For the big speed push that you HAVE to do move 5/6 to break something with the deck, you need 3-5 mana with the card. It just doesn't work at the moment. Deathseer is great. But if the field is not there beforehand, greedy plays will not work. Which is a shame, since there would be enough token servants. None of them are as strong as Doppelgangster, but saronite chaingang and Rattling Rascal alone are definitely not bad. And Shudderwock could also be accommodated as I showed above. The only thing missing is Evolve in the standard. How about evergreen, Blizzard? πŸ˜‰

Hey guys, I've been back in the country for a week for those who are interested. ^^
- Ryudo

Welcome back!

But I can't say anything about the mentioned nerfs πŸ˜€

I hope that the class will see a little more light in Standard again soon.
- maurriss

I see the same thing - I still very much hope that the Evolve Shaman will become viable again and at least reach the end of T2.
But that requires the help of Blizzard in the sense of further (meta-capable) Evolve cards ... well wait and see, hope dies last, as we know.

In wild the shaman is definitely a corner stronger.
- Pigor

@Pigor: Yep. Shaman is definitely the best class in the midrange archetype in wild mMn. It's no wonder anywhere. Even after the Nerf in Karazhan, the midrange shaman was still tier zero and nothing was nerfed from the strong cards from msg, tgt and LOE. And with the jades you still had good chances even in the late game. It's kind of funny how you could win even with a deck that was quickly thrown out and played relatively easily against powerhouses like cube and giant locks (pre nerf). I hope that the class will see a little more light in Standard again soon. But in the wild you can actually play everything from aggro to control.


Don't play so much shaman, just recently did a few rounds, won in wild RL 8/10 before the patch

and in the standard grade of R12-10 slipped with two defeats.

In wild the shaman is definitely a corner stronger.

Standard seems to be quite balanced at the moment.

Jo Even shaman is supposed to be very good. However, I am not sure whether it is really that strong. Shaman is certainly very strong in wild. If the class was already there before, it's probably most useful in terms of midrange decks, and Hagatha and Shudderwock both do pretty well on pretty much all medium to slow decks.

According to TS Even Shaman is even in the standard tier 2. But I don't really believe in that at the moment. The card quality of the class is currently quite low and the hero power is not awesome even with Genn. Compared to the other tier 2 decks (Spiteful Druid, Aggro Mage, Odd Rogue) it seems a lot weaker to me.

Otherwise the metalists are really pushed hard by the shaman. I found it strong before, but now clearly T1.

@maurriss: out of curiosity, can you please post your wild list of shamans? At the moment I have no motivation to ladder, maybe that will change with an interesting shaman deck?

I've mainly been playing game since the Nerf and I really have to say that the Wild Meta is super pleasant to play. Got the feeling that I rarely meet on the same deck and really everything is there. Most warlocks are not giants or cube locks and most palas are not odd / even decks. I'm now on Rank 7 and even there I still have the feeling that a lot is being tried out. It's really fun, I have to say πŸ™‚ And the main thing is that I run ladder with Evolve Shaman xD.

Incidentally, the order in which the battle screams are played is also random with Tess Greymane, so why should it be different with Shudderwock of all places?
- parquet floor

Well, honestly, I didn't know about her either. I only got it activated 2-3x so far and only spawned minions. But yes, if you know it makes sense.

I just checked again. Is really random. What makes the OTK Combo reliable is Murmuring Elemental, as you can guarantee more Shudderwock copies even if he messes up the first Grumble battlecry. With murmuring the same (randomized) amount is processed twice in a row, but one after the other and not mixed up (should actually be logical). Well then of course I get a little less in Evolve Shaman. Either play Shudderwock before I activate the DK or go on high roll. It's not that wild anyway. Even if Thrall breaks off the combo a little earlier, you have a relatively brutal board. Is of course only more consistent without deathseer (e.g. in a pure jade shaman). In the absolute worst case you have a 9 mana snow roll giant.

EDIT: Shudderwock would have been a really cool neutral card if it hadn't been completely broken in some classes (lynessa + Saronite chaingang, various DK battlecrys). Too bad. I would have really liked to experiment with it in some classes. But can understand why that had to be a class card. I'm curious how strong it will be in the standard. In the beginning N’Zoth was only really strong in the wild and then got stronger with every expansion. It will probably be the shaman's trump card in the next expansion, when he gets a couple of usable battlecrys.

does anyone have an official source on whether Shudderwock will cast the battlecrys in the order they were played?
- maurriss

I think I read in the official HS forum that the order of play is random. If I find that again (It's been a while been posting), I'll link it here.

Incidentally, the order in which the battle screams are played is also random with Tess Greymane, so why should it be different with Shudderwock of all places?

Regarding the nerfed cards themselves: I kept 2x Naga Sea Witch and 2x Call to Arms, all others have been completely disenchanted; also because I had almost never played these cards (Spiteful Summoner maybe 10 games, nothing more). If I ever need these cards again, I'll just get them back.

So I decided to keep 2 copies of all nerfed cards. So I had 5x Pact, 1x lackey and 1x lackey in gold that I was able to demystify and I was happy about 1100 Dust. Since the rest remains playable and, to be honest, I won't open many KnC packs anymore, but Spiteful Summoner and CtA will probably still be built into some decks, I'll keep the rest. Yeah, maybe I'll lose sp 300 Dust if I pull another dwe card out of a reward pack but my god.

The only card that was really killed is Naga Sea Witch. And I'll just keep it because it's out of an adventure.

Let’s ask: does anyone have an official source about whether Shudderwock casts the battlecrys in the order in which they were played? Play the current one in my wild Evolve shaman and always try to play deathseer as possible after the jade and double gangster battlecrys, as this breaks off the effect of Shudderwock. But yesterday I had the case that deathseer was first cast by Shudderwock. I'm not sure about the order anymore but I think I would have played the jades etc. before. If someone has an official source I would be happy.

@ Maurice84:
Hmm yes. So I have already showered the other cards except Pact (with Pact I don't see the 80 Dust for both cards and I want to keep them anyway) but with CTA I think I still give me 2-3 days.
I built a Pala deck which is similar to Even with only a few 1 and 3 mana cards and the deck can be played pretty well, to say the least. I can clearly see the loss of speed, but even for 5 mana I still find the card very strong.

I am well aware that I will not make a loss if I smoke the card and craft it again later, but I still like the card very much despite 5 mana πŸ˜€

As far as I remember, you have 2 weeks? If I then wait a maximum of a week, I'm still on the safe side, right?

Of course, I could also have fun showering them 100 times and then crafting 102 times, maybe then I get a secret bonus of 10,000 Dust because I'm so uptight and compassionate πŸ˜€

I got the patch at the same time yesterday
Didn't have to download an update either, a patch only came when the Hearthstone app was opened.
You can also use the app via the Playstore

Can you play @ Lud1306? And if so, how are you doing with the nerfed cards? πŸ˜€

Has anyone already got the patch for the Android phone? I haven't yet.
- Lud1306

yes, for me at the same time as the release ... but I got the game via GooglePlay, because the update via Amazon version was only delivered with a delay the other day ...

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