I would study better at night

Can only concentrate at night !!

Can only concentrate at night !!
I have a huge problem. I try again and again to let it be.

But I can't help it and I can ONLY concentrate at night!

During the day I sit in a room where I have absolute peace and quiet and where the volume is just as quiet as it is at 1 a.m. on a night.

But it just doesn't work out to concentrate at this time of day !!

I can really concentrate at 8 p.m. at the earliest and study with full concentration until 3 a.m. Yes, I know that sounds very hard ...

But it doesn't work any other way.

Do any of you feel the same way?
Do you have a tip for me on how I can get rid of it.

Thanks in advance for the tips
uhu  πŸ“… 17.05.2013 20:15:41
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
There are people who can only concentrate at night.

I also like to write at night because nobody distracts me and there is nobody on the social media pages who could post something new and uninteresting.
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
I can usually concentrate best in the evenings / at night.

But have you ever tried to study in the bib during the day? Maybe it's better there? At least that's how I feel.
Anonymous  πŸ“… 17.05.2013 20:25:51
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
You can hardly get used to it because it has something to do with the inner rhythm. ;-) The "larks" and the "owls" stop. ;-) I'm also more of an owl aka nocturnal.

As long as that doesn't clash with your schedule, it is also legitimate to study at night.
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
mmhh well ... that sounds reassuring when so many are like me

But I'll try the bib. and look for a "corner" where hardly anyone can distract me.
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
It can take a while to get used to the bib ... the first three or four times I couldn't do anything and found it difficult to concentrate on studying.

But today it is the most effective remedy for me when I cannot concentrate at home. With regular visits to the library, I was able to change my daily rhythm and have got used to going in the morning (before the lectures) and studying. When I got home in the evening, I was off work. I keep that up to this day and feel more comfortable than before, when I studied in the evenings / at night and got up quite late during the day.

Good luck
Li45gre  πŸ“… 17.05.2013 23:38:42
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
Luckily I have the study behind me * g *
D.H.A.  πŸ“… 18.05.2013 02:15:56
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
Yes, but not the stupid comments yet.
JuraFR  πŸ“… 18.05.2013 02:47:54
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
D.H.A. wrote:
> Yes, but not the stupid comments yet.

psssst ... we want to learn.
Night owl  πŸ“… 18.05.2013 04:01:34
Re: Can only concentrate at night !!
And who is still learning now ???
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