What are Walmarts' current shoplifting policies

This guy cleared a Walmart till by disguising himself as a clerk

Here the man can be seen in the Walmart surveillance video | Photo via Fairfax County Police Department blog

It doesn't seem difficult to steal from Walmart. The US mega-chain's cameras have a reputation for being dummies, an attempt by the company to use facial recognition to catch shoplifters has failed, and there are tons of threads on shoplifting forums devoted to how to steal at Walmart. There you can read tips that are easy to follow, such as: "Get in and out as quickly as you can" and "Make sure that a shop detective is on your tail".

But that's just boring, don't you think so? Why would you bother to pull off an action like this without having a bit of fun?

Maybe so was the man from Fairfax, Virginia, who stole straight from the Walmart register by pretending to be an employee.

The surveillance videos show that the man entered the store already wearing a Walmart vest. Then he went up to one of the cashiers and told him that the office would require him. As soon as the cashier was gone, the man took over for him and cashed a customer before calmly taking the money from the cash register and walking away with it.

The simple plan was such a resounding success that the man not only got out of business with a wad of money in hand, no: the police only released details of the incident yesterday, although it was already on the afternoon of December 15th has occurred.

Former loss prevention workers at Walmart said the chain hired people to patrol the aisles in "plain clothes" because it was less noticeable and more reliable than surveillance cameras. But even with such high investments in loss prevention, shoplifting is a big part of the company create: Last year, Walmart CEO Greg Foran identified theft as an "urgent" problem that costs the company about $ 3 billion a year.

Fairfax County Police suspect this man may have stolen from other Walmart stores in Maryland and nearby Farmville, Virginia, but little more is known about him. But what we can already say: He will definitely go down in history as a Walmart shoplifting legend.

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