What if I eat salad every day

"Under no circumstances should you eat salad every day."

Hello Armira,

thanks for the little flower I'm just one from the days of wholefood cuisine, I did it quite intensively and after the children it was an uncomfortable one Level down. Over the years, I have read a lot out of pure interest.
It is all well and good when the gurus tell you that you should only eat the vegetables in season. It's also difficult for me, although I really like to eat raw salads made from carrots, leeks, celery, cabbage and fennel. But I can't do without peppers and cocktail tomatoes I don't want to either. And I also like something green between my teeth.
I am a fan of lamb's lettuce, also contaminated with nitrate, but it is in organic shops and at good outdoor weekly markets. And since he does not belong to the salad family, he has ...... don't know now, he has a bunch of nutrients anyway. This salad is actually always loose and is also rather coarse in the leaf ... a little dirt is a good sign
Alternatively, there is the Chinese cabbage, which contains much less nitrate from organic cultivation and is also of a size that a smaller household can handle. Delicious salad with my Swedish milk sauce, grated carrots and chives ... I can't do without that even in winter

Greetings Ulrike