What does it mean to treat yourself

Are you treating yourself well enough?

When there is stress in their job or private life, one deadline follows another and there is a lot of overtime, one person falls by the wayside first: Herself. If only requirements are met, your own needs are neglected. And it just doesn't work all the time. The principle is all too often forgotten: If you want to be successful (long term), you must treat yourself well ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Do something good for yourself

So some may think now: But that's pretty selfish ... But it is not. Doing something good for yourself is prudent. It is also wise.

We're not machines. Body, soul and spirit need regular time out to calm down, recharge your batteries or rearrange your thoughts. Otherwise there will soon be nothing but confusion in the upper room.

We are by no means just talking about the typical evening that you might spend with friends. Everything is important. Everything valuable. No question. But for us it's about more: a real one reward.

Treating yourself well sometimes means indulging yourself. Something that is really good for you: a wellness weekend, for example, a relaxing massage, a short trip to the sea, an evening in a star restaurant. Something special. Balm for the soul.

Who treats himself well and who own needs are not neglectedwho even does the job ...

  • Self-confidence Those who treat themselves well feel better. You also radiate that feeling to those around you - and your colleagues acknowledge that: You are given more attention and are better able to assert yourself. In short, if you value yourself more, others will value you more too.
  • motivation Everyday work is draining enough of our strength. If you don't take care of yourself, you quickly lose motivation. Treat yourself well, on the other hand, provide the necessary balance and be able to motivate yourself anew every day.
  • Critical ability Criticism at work can be tough and hurtful. By treating yourself well, you also gain a thicker coat. You will get to know your worth and you will not be intimidated so easily. You will also learn how to quickly get out of a low mood with such rewards or to put the scolding in the right light.

9 signs that you are treating yourself well

Having said all that, the question remains, of course: When was the last time you did something for yourself?

If you can't remember spontaneously, it will high time. Often small things are enough to do something good for yourself. The following suggestions can also be made easily incorporate into your everyday life. The list thus serves as a source of inspiration - and as a test whether you are already treating yourself well ...

  1. You are authentic.

    Always having to pretend is exhausting, harms your own personality and makes you unhappy. Therefore, if you want to treat yourself well, you must act as you are. Authenticity also saves you the stress of always having to act as others expect you to. Instead, you are honest with yourself and with others.

  2. You admit your mistakes.

    Treating yourself well gives you the confidence to be open about a mistake. You also represent the mentality: The best way to iron out a mistake is to stand up for it and work on a solution immediately. While others are still busy making excuses, you have fixed a mistake and strengthened your self-esteem.

  3. You celebrate your successes.

    Knowing your weaknesses is one side, but of course it's at least as important to recognize your strengths. If you've done something really well, you should be proud of it. Invite your colleagues to a glass of champagne, dance or practice a shout of joy. Anything that reminds you of your good accomplishments helps treat yourself well.

  4. They listen to your gut instinct.

    Who better to know what is good for you than yourself? Before letting someone else tell you what's best for you, it's a good idea to answer this question yourself. It also means that you trust your intuition. Even if you don't always share the opinion of colleagues, it shows that you are treating yourself well when you can hold on to your views.

  5. They assume the best.

    There is no reason for you not to be optimistic. You feel good, are self-confident and strengthened by the experience that until now everything has always turned out to be good. This confidence works like a self-fulfilling prophecy, gives you the energy and the self-confidence to tackle further tasks and to master them successfully.

  6. You surround yourself with positive people.

    It is, well, one ChallengeTo treat yourself well while being surrounded by people who don't. The following applies here: In a positive environment, it definitely works better. So look for the right group of friends and avoid curmudgeons.

  7. You don't cling to the past.

    Those who only concentrate on the past are blocking opportunities for the present and the future. Memories are important, but looking back shouldn't mean losing sight of the latest. Ask less “why?” And more “why?”. And don't use your energy on things that you can't change anyway. This only leads to frustration.

  8. You can treat yourself to something.

    Often one's own wishes are put on the back burner. I buy the new outfit when there is a suitable occasion or I can go to the sauna at a different time. True to the motto: "later, later, later", your own needs are always postponed. But those who treat themselves well treat themselves to something. But don't overdo it, as the next point shows ...

  9. You only buy what you need.

    Life gets literally lighterif you don't give in to every impulse to buy, but check it out. So you don't have to become an ascetic right away. But less is usually more (and less baggage that you carry around with you - also emotionally).

  10. You are doing something good for your body.

    Of course, treating yourself well also means taking care of your body. Sport and a healthy diet should therefore not be neglected even in stressful phases. That also contributes to what is probably the most important sign that you are treating yourself well: you feel good about yourself.

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