Which watch brand has the greatest prestige?

The most famous watch brands in the world

There are countless watch brands. Small manufacturers conquer the world with luxury brands. Gigantic corporations are trying to win over the mass market with elegant timepieces. And in between there are large and small manufacturers, series goods and exclusives, well-known brands and unknown manufacturers. Swiss watches occupy a special position. The manufactories are among the most popular watch manufacturers - and not just in the luxury segment. But which are the most famous watch brands in the world?

Well-known luxury watch brands

Watches are often a status symbol. Names like Rolex or Breitling are on everyone's lips when it comes to exclusive accessories that are intended to emphasize style and timeless elegance. Many small manufacturers therefore belong to the Swiss luxury goods group Riechemont. The company knows how to market exclusivity and how to sell outrageously expensive collectibles. But there are also other manufacturers. The following brands are known for luxury watches:

Patek Philippe

Even more than Rolex, the Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe stands for pure luxury. The watches are among the most sought-after and most expensive timepieces in the world. On the other hand, mass-produced goods are not in the range.


Breitling is based in Switzerland and stands in particular for exclusive pilot and diving watches. The models have special features such as emergency transmitters or extreme water resistance, which underline the sporty approach of the luxury watches.


Rolex is one of the most famous watch brands. As a status symbol, Rolex watches enjoy a special place in the world of the rich and beautiful. The objects are first class, but not as rare as some other brands.


The Piaget brand occupies a special place in the luxury segment. Because the tourbillions are first class and playful. The Emperador watches are especially popular.

Audemars Piquet

Chronographs from Audemars Piquet are among the absolute top prices among watch brands. The series are each very small, making the watches coveted collector's items.


Panerei is an Italian brand that has built a real fan base. The watches combine classic watchmaking with Italian design. Leather, clear shapes and high-quality materials make series such as Radiomir and Muminor interesting.


Cartier has an excellent reputation for jewelry and accessories. The series like Ballon bleu or Santos belong to expensive, noble and coveted objects. Cartier is one of the few brands specifically targeting women.

A. Lange

The originally German manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne impresses with various luxury watches that combine German quality work and Swiss watchmaking into one unit. Small editions make the watches interesting.

Union glassworks

The company was already known as a manufacturer of good watches during the GDR era. Swatch has bought the manufacture and is placing it in the luxury segment. Special feature: the individual parts come from Switzerland, but are assembled in Saxony.


Zenith is known not least for timing at sporting events. Among connoisseurs, however, it is the chronographs of the El Primero series that enjoy world fame and are among the most famous luxury watches in the world.


Omega is also involved in timekeeping in sports. The manufacture otherwise builds luxury watches such as the Seamaster, Speedmaster or Constellation series. Omega is one of the most famous watch brands in the world.

Other well-known watch brands

Large watch manufacturers determine the ranges on the mass market. There are also many models in the Swiss watchmaking tradition for “normal” buyers. However, German and, above all, Japanese manufacturers can keep up here. In Germany, the following manufacturers are among the best-known brands for the end customer market:

Citizen Watch

The name doesn't sound that common. However, behind Citizen Watch is the world's largest watch manufacturer. The brand stands for the most precise quartz movement currently available for the mass market: Citizen Chronomaster.


Swatch is one of the most famous watch brands in the world. At the same time, the Swiss manufacturer offers a wide range of different types of watches. In addition, many brands belong to the group. Swatch is a leader in the wristwatch sector in particular.

Bruno Söhnle

The relatively young German manufacturer Bruno Söhnle is perhaps the best-known watch brand in Germany when it comes to attractive watches in the lower middle class. Most of the components are manufactured in Glashütte.


Junghans was the largest German watch manufacturer for a long time and covered all areas of time measurement from sports watches to kitchen clocks. Today there are two companies that bear the name in the brand as successors: Junghans Microtec and Uhrenfabrik Junghans.


Longines watches are right on the cusp of luxury, but still cover the upscale mass market. The well-known brand from Switzerland is also currently the oldest watch manufacturer in the world.


Tissot watches also come from Switzerland. The company impresses with its timepieces in particular with the additional functionality of air pressure and altimeters.

Day, this year

TAG Heuer is known as a brand of timekeeping in sports. The company has always been pioneering progress in watch design and stands for sporty chronographs and very precise stopwatches.


The Japanese technology group is one of the leading digital watch manufacturers. The models offer many functions and are usually very playful. In the meantime, there are also analog clocks from Casio.


Seiko is also a Japanese watch brand. The manufacturer is considered to be the inventor of the digital watch and was groundbreaking with many other developments.


The Hamilton brand comes from the USA. Today it belongs to the Swatch Group. The models are mainly aimed at a young audience and are designed accordingly.


There is a large selection of good watches. The most famous watch brands in the world offer a wide range of models, types of watches and functionality. From luxury brands to mass-produced goods, customers can look forward to first-class watches and find their own personal brand.


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