How many years has Hillary been studied

Hillary Clinton cross-examined

The attack was extensively investigated from many sides, mistakes were admitted and responsibility was acknowledged. The hearing of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could hardly provide any new information. Still, it was celebrated with relish by Trey Gowdy, the Republican committee chairman. After all, the meeting offered the opportunity to present the Democratic presidential candidate. Even top Republican officials recently admitted frankly that the Benghazi Committee should damage Clinton's polls.

But Clinton was well prepared. Rumor has it that numerous employees prepared her for this important appointment in a "war room". "I take responsibility for what happened in Benghazi," said the 67-year-old. However, the diplomats' calls for increased security measures, which were rejected at the time, did not land on her desk. "I didn't see them," said the former chief diplomat. After the attacks, she then implemented all the recommendations of an internal commission for better protection of diplomatic missions abroad.

The candidate's show

Clinton, who had already testified in January 2013 about the attack by militant Islamists on the consulate in Congress, could not provide any further information at the renewed hearing. Even then, she had already taken responsibility for what had happened. However, no direct responsibility could be proven to her.

The former first lady used the appointment before the committee of inquiry instead to position herself as a presidential candidate again. Eventually the hearing was broadcast live on all major US broadcasters. The Democrat declared that America must lead in a dangerous world - equally supported by both major parties. In addition, the US would have to secure its diplomats as well as possible. And finally, Clinton summed up: "I have served as Secretary of State in 112 countries. Each time I was filled with gratitude and pride to be able to represent the country I love". It should have scored points with the viewers of the conservative TV stations.

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