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Rheinviertel young people receive company sacrament in Cologne Cathedral

Auxiliary Bishop Ansgar Puff donated the company sacrament in Cologne Cathedral to 27 young people on Saturday, June 20, 2020 and 23 young people on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Due to the failure of all confirmation celebrations in the local parishes, the opportunity arose to receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the High Cathedral of St. Peter.

At the beginning of the solemn service, Auxiliary Bishop Ansgar explained to the guests the importance of Cologne Cathedral for people's faith. Impressed by the Gothic style of the imposing church, the confirmation candidates, relatives and confirmation catechists experienced a moving service in a special and unique place. In his homily, the auxiliary bishop encouraged young people to trust the message of the Holy Spirit: “Hate is extreme, God's love is extreme! Despite the many bad things in the world, you can rewrite the script of life! God gives you the gift of the Holy Spirit! "

Not only the company applicants were visibly touched, the family members were also impressed by the moment when the young people were called individually by name and confirmed their readiness with a strong “Here I am”. On the faces of the young people you could see what expressive traces the anointing left on the young people during the donation. In terms of music, the celebration was organized by a musician and vocal ensemble from Bad Godesberg, under the direction of church musician Ludger Brück. The solemn service came at the end of a preparatory course that began in November 2019. In addition to the weekly group meetings and the joint visit to the Sunday services, the young people were able to deepen their practice of faith and were strengthened in their Christianity at a joint charismatic weekend. The confirmation preparation course enables the young people to cultivate a supporting relationship with God in everyday life through positive experiences with people of faith and the church, the ten confirmation catechists who accompanied the young people in five groups. At the end of the intensive preparation time, the young people come before the congregation and confess and renew their conscious “yes” to being a Christian and to the church.

After the summer holidays, many of the newly confirmed would like to get involved in the various areas of the community and community foundation Rheinviertel, such as completing the popular group leader training, taking on children's group lessons, becoming a leisure leader, contributing as young donors and in the social aid network Bad Godesberg.

Impressions of the company celebration June 20, 2020

Impressions of the company celebration July 1st, 2020

Pictures: © Stefan Reifenberg