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Batman versus Superman, Part 29: Enemies Among Us (2006-2007)

DC Comics

Title: Superman / Batman Vol. 3 (Enemies Among Us / Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One / Metal Men / Nevermore)

Author / draftsman: Mark Verheiden, Joe Kelly / Ethan Van Sciver, Ed McGuiness and others

Published: 2006-2007 (Superman / Batman # 27-36, Superman / Batman Annual # 1, Paperback 2007, complete edition 2016), German.

"... today’s stories need fear!"

The third major anthology in the Superman / Batman series contains four stories. One tells the new story for the first time, in another the heroes slip into female bodies, the third is about the Metal Men, the fourth contains a fight between the title characters. Let's start with the latter.

Enemies Among Us

The Martian Manhunter attacks Batman for no reason. Then it turns out that it was just an unknown shape shifter who appears in various appearances and causes chaos. Eventually it becomes clear that unknown aliens are calling on the aliens on earth to destroy humanity. When Superman also goes mad, he wants to kill Batman, Kryptonite prevents him from doing so, but then the dark forces take possession of Batman and he attacks Superman. A tangible argument ensues in which Superman has to take it first before he can cut Batman to bloody shreds. (Batman survives thanks to the alien power.) When the Dark Knight comes to his senses again, they reconcile and take action against the real villains, Lex Luthor and Despero.

DC Comics

The most interesting thing about the story is that it is told by Alfred Pennyworth while he is drinking tea. That raises the level of this somewhat confused, but nevertheless banal story. The problem with this story is the large number of characters: Manhunter, Plastic Man, Green Lantern, Supergirl, etc. You feel more like you're following a Justice League adventure than a classic team-up from World’s Finest. As a result, the main characters are neglected, and the uninspired fight makes up little of it.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One ... (Superman / Batman Annual # 1)

In this retelling of the first meeting of Superman and Batman (Superman # 76, 1952), Superman and Batman are already working together as a team, but do not yet know their secret identities. They meet in civilian clothes on a cruise ship: Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne happen to be vacationing there at the same time. Due to a booking error, they not only have to share a room (as in the original), but even a bed. Highlight: Bruce steals the ceiling from Clark.

Superman and Batman: Ceiling Fight in Bed (DC Comics)

That's it at the highlights. Because in order to make the somewhat old-fashioned story more appealing, it was pimped up - and more than necessary. Not only that Deathstroke tries to assassinate Wayne, there are also the evil doppelgangers from Crime Syndicate from a parallel universe (dimensional crack!). Also another Deathstroke, which is supposed to be very reminiscent of Deadpool (allusion to the plagiarism!). During the incident, Clark and Bruce find out who they are sharing the room with. But unfortunately it's not as funny as it should be. Rather an embarrassing series of puns and slaps. The fact that in the end Mr. Mxyzptlk is still responsible for everything doesn't make things any better.


Superman and Batman find themselves in the bodies of Power Girl and Huntress through villainous influence. Before their personalities are supplanted by those of their hosts, they must find their way back into their old bodies. There is no time for an immoral self-assessment ... The title says it all. A typical filling material like in Power Girls breasts, as empty as Huntress ‘neckline. (# Outcry etc.)

Metal men

A story with the Metal Men can only be one thing: junk. The Metal Men are a bunch of losers who complain about their inferiority complexes and pity themselves - and rightly so, because apart from their clumsy, one-dimensional characters and their inadequacies (why does one stutter and why is the other stupid when the others are obviously better are designed?), you have a pretty lousy firewall, because you go crazy at every opportunity if you are infected by a computer virus. In this story, its creator, Dr. Magnus to put her as security at Wayne Enterprises. It takes less than five minutes for them to stop doing what they're supposed to be doing. Thanks to Brainiac. Of course, Superman and Batman turn it all over again. But you get so fed up with the Metal Men afterwards ...

Balance: Dispensable.

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