Why are you wearing diapers

And now Miriam also wears diapers around the clock

After about 30 minutes we heard Miriam's mother calling from below, “Hello Miriam! I'll be back and will you come down please? "We looked at Miriam, and Tanja was happy:" Now it's time, Miriam! Now you will also get your diapers around the clock! " "Yes! Mom, I'm coming and I've got a company! "Miriam called back, and she went down the stairs, followed by us." Well? There's the whole diaper club! " Her mother greeted us. And to Miriam: "And as I can see, you are already wearing the right underwear" You can see right away that you are wearing diapers, because it peeks out from under your skirt. But you shouldn't go out in this elevator, otherwise you will the whole village laughing at you. " Miriam looked embarrassed. “That means you don't mind that I walk around in diapers during the day? Asked Miriam. "Well," her mother admitted, "I'm not really enthusiastic and I don't yet know what to think of my 15-year-old daughter now walking around with diapers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But after I did Having had a long conversation with Sonja, I also respect your wish. - Of course there are also a few rules! " We looked at Miriam's mother expectantly and Miriam sat down first. And so we did, and listened carefully to Miriam's mother. "Well," she began, "Miriam, from now on you will wear diapers and use them around the clock. And as long as you wear the diapers, the toilet is taboo for you! And you will not get the diapers either Change yourself! Either I do that, or a person of my choosing. " She looked at me: "I'm assuming that you, Christoph, Miriam have just put on your diapers?" I blushed and then nodded, "but Miriam asked me to." I defended myself. "Oh," said her mother and smiled at me, "that's okay! So you've already done some work for me. And Sonja also told me that you are an expert in diaper changing. So if it's you not too much work, Christoph, then you can also change Miriam's diapers. Uih, I hadn't expected that now, in the meantime I've already had four baby diapers that I should take care of. And well, I thought to myself, it is also fun to diaper the girls. And it seems to be okay with them that I diaper them. Miriam's mother interrupted my thoughts and continued: "You have three more days of school before your vacation starts. And me has to work and cannot change your diapers during this time. Therefore, Miriam will go to Katja on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school. I have already clarified that with Brigitte. " "And where is Tanja on these days?" Interjected Miriam. "Well, I guess she will go to Sandra with me, Sonja has probably already clarified that with Christina. Because as long as you are wearing diapers, you are no longer allowed to go alone being at home. Small children can't do that either. And, of course, they don't smoke either! But you haven't done that anymore anyway. And I'll also put out your clothes that you should wear. How good that summer then you can wear skirts over your diapers. " We looked at each other. "Oh, man!" Moaned Miriam, "so many rules!" Her mother looked at her sharply. “Yes, Miriam, if you want to wear diapers again at the age of 15, this is of course subject to conditions and rules. But, if it doesn't suit you, take off your diapers immediately. "" Yes, mom, it's okay! I accept everything! " Said Miriam.

I checked my watch. “Oh, it's already 6:30 p.m.! Come on Katja, we have to go home now. "Katja and I got up and said goodbye to Miriam, her mother and Tanja." I'll see you at school tomorrow! " Said Katja. Then we drove home. But we still had to take a little break because Katja made big one time. “I had to go big for a long time, but I didn't want to be in a diaper at Miriam's home. Otherwise you would have had to shower me there first. And I didn't want that. "Katja said when she was finished and got back on her bike." That's nice of you, my darling! But I should actually have changed your diapers for you, they are probably already on Limit?" "Oh no," said Katja, "that's not bad! I think that my diapers will last until we are back home." "Hmmm," I said, "it would be closer to you, so if the diaper leaks, then you'd better say it right away, then we'll go over to your place first and I'll change your diaper for you there." "No, that is not necessary!" Replied Katja, and so we drove straight to my house.